Cloud computing

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Intech Systems March 27th, 2020

Maintaining business continuity with Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

Today, many people are bound to work from home due to the prevailing pandemic situation around the globe. In this...

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Intech Systems February 5th, 2020

Protect your data against ransomware with Azure

It is not a novel secret about an organization being under a ransom attack. In fact, a business is hit...

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Intech Systems January 27th, 2020

Need for Azure for Business Continuity in 2020

Microsoft Azure is usually described as an ‘Unlimited Potential’ with limitless possibilities but what azure can do for you to...

Need of an hour Cloud Based CRM Solutions.
Intech Systems June 5th, 2019

Need of an hour! Cloud Based CRM Solutions

Technology and Innovation have changed the way we look at things and accelerated the whole new Business Processes. To sustain...

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Intech Systems May 25th, 2018

4 steps to calculate your cloud ROI

We all know that cloud saves money. Saving money means doing away with physical infrastructure and freeing up some resources...

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Intech Systems April 6th, 2018

Benefits of moving to a cloud-based Disaster Recovery plan

The biggest fear of most businesses is losing their data. After the recent rise in cyber-attacks, businesses have started making...

migrate to cloud
Intech Systems December 21st, 2017

7 reasons to migrate your business to cloud

The world is changing at a rapid speed when it comes to technology and innovation. Every business wants to keep...

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Mital Parikh February 6th, 2017

Azure Recovery Services vaults

Azure Recovery service vault is used to backup and store important data or business critical data from Windows Server (Windows...

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Intech Systems November 28th, 2016

Forget Tapes, tap Azure Backup!

Data is an essential component of every business and keeping them safe is even more important. One of the strategies...

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Intech Systems November 24th, 2016

Business Uninterrupted with Microsoft Azure Site Recovery 

Businesses are unpredictable. You never know what will come up next unless you have not planned for the future. Businesses...

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