Ecommerce Portal

An end-to-end real-time web store that works on your ERP data

Get your business online faster with an ERP-integrated e-commerce portal

Whether you are in B2B or B2C industry, your customers look for a seamless commerce experience. And to ensure that they get what they want, you need to streamline your back and front operations. Disparate systems not only impede customer experience but also hinder supply chain, inventory tracking, and real-time monitoring. So, you need to eliminate siloes and create an efficient communication link between incongruent data – orders, inventory, customer service, shipping, and tracking.


B2B e-commerce

Simplify the B2B buying process with our all-inclusive e-commerce platform
  • Reduce technical and operational costs
  • Offer 24/7 order capabilities
  • Get real-time inventory data
  • Simplify order and product information
  • Manage multiple customer roles and authorization levels

B2C e-commerce

Offer personalized shopping experiences with our B2C e-commerce solution
  • Deliver an omnichannel shopping experience
  • Track shipments and payments
  • Share order details with customers
  • Manage and create targeted marketing content and campaigns
  • Offer strong SEO capabilities

D2C e-commerce

Ensure better customer engagement with our D2C e-commerce platform
  • Get direct access to your customers’ data
  • Get more control over your brand
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Accelerate sales cycle and revenue growth
  • Offer comprehensive and customized pricing
  • Offer benefits of B2B and B2C e-commerce in one
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Make it all possible with ERP + e-commerce

Do you know that reducing stock-outs and overstocks can lower your overall inventory costs by 10 percent? When ERP is connected with an e-commerce portal, it becomes easy to manage the back-office operations and front-office sales from a single unified platform. With the combined power of ERP and e-commerce, your customers get an exceptional shopping experience and each step from inventory to sales to customer service is automated and well-aligned.

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Why choose Intech’s e-commerce solution?

Multi site Multi store Support

Multi-site, Multi-store Support

Integrated tax structure across ERP and e commerce portal

Integrated tax structure across ERP and e-commerce portal

Payment processing with major payment gateways

Payment processing with major payment gateways

Cloud hosting on Azure IBM Cloud or AWS

Cloud hosting on Azure, IBM Cloud, or AWS

Flexible and customized pricing for different customers

Flexible and customized pricing for different customers

Real time business product and client data

Real-time business, product, and client data

Short implementation time with no heavy customizations

Short implementation time with no heavy customizations

Integration with SMS and WhatsApp

Integration with SMS and WhatsApp

How Intech’s e-commerce solution fits all your ERP with e-commerce needs?

  • Offer great customer experiences
  • Optimize business processes
  • Scale up your business
  • Operate more powerfully

Offer great customer experiences

Make your customers’ shopping experience valuable and turn them into your advocates with customized catalogs and payment terms, multiple payment options, easy reorder and wishlist options.

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Optimize business processes

Align key data like inventory status, order tracking, customer information, and payment details across the platforms to eliminate disparity in information and avoid duplication of data.

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Scale up your business

Get the flexibility of hosting the portal on the cloud of your choice – Microsoft Azure, IBM server, or AWS and meet your website traffic needs – surging during campaigns or plumping during nights seamlessly

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Operate more powerfully

Make the most of this e-commerce portal with SMS integration, easy customization, integrated tax structure, social sharing tools, and live chat features.

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