Streamline Dealer Operations with Intech’s Dealer Management System (DMS)

Intech’s DMS is a powerful software solution that streamlines dealer network management and day-to-day operations. With features like sales, inventory, and customer relationship management, businesses can optimize their performance, enhance customer service, and increase revenue, all on one platform, making it an indispensable tool in today’s competitive market.

Get the Competitive Edge: How to Improve Your Business with Dealer Management System


Streamline Sales Management

Take control of your sales operations with our DMS solution, providing end-to-end management capabilities from dealer network management to pre-sales, primary, secondary, and tertiary sales, and beyond into post-sales.

Optimize Financial Performance

Gain insights into financial performance with accounting and financial management features that manage transactions, generate invoices and track payments.

Boost Customer Experience

Streamline sales operations and appointment scheduling with ease, providing your team and dealers with the critical details they need to meet your customers' needs efficiently and effectively.

Revolutionize Your Workflow

Access real-time data, manage inventory, and respond to customer inquiries from anywhere with our mobile app. With automated alerts, you can stay on top of critical events such as low inventory levels, new orders, or pending customer requests, saving time and improving efficiency.

Accelerate Profitability and Innovation

Say goodbye to lackluster profits and hello to game-changing revenue growth with Intech's DMS! Our comprehensive platform simplifies day-to-day operations, automates tasks, and provides invaluable insights, all designed to maximize profitability for your business.

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Boost Your Business with a Dealer Management System

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Why Choose Intech: Explore Our Robust and Dependable Dealer Management System offering

Investing in a DMS is a crucial step, but with so many options available, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Don't worry - we have got you covered! Not all DMS software is created equal, and there's a lot more to consider than just the price tag. Let's take a closer look at what savvy businesses should consider when selecting the perfect DMS match for their business. Buckle up, it is about to get exciting!


Our DMS solution seamlessly integrates with third-party payment gateways and aggregators, enabling you to process transactions securely and efficiently. This integration allows for a streamlined payment process and ensures that all transactions are processed with the highest level of security and ease.


Our solution is designed with an intuitive user interface and customizable features, making it easy for dealers and their teams to navigate and use. Additionally, our mobile app allows users to access the system from anywhere with an internet connection, providing flexibility and convenience for managing dealership operations.


Our highly customizable DMS software at Intech is designed to fit your business' unique needs. With a range of configurable settings and features, you can tailor our platform to match your specific workflows and processes. Our expert team provides comprehensive support and guidance to help you maximize the full potential of our customizable DMS solution.

Training and Support

Our team at Intech is well-equipped to provide comprehensive training and ongoing support and post go-live support to help you make the most out of our DMS solution. Our experts are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance to ensure a seamless experience with our software.

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Unlock your System’s Full Potential with Our DMS Solution

Dealer Management System (DMS) Revolution: Make Your Business Unstoppable

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