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Weigh Scale Integration

Maintain the record of the weight of the material with accuracy

Automate and optimize weigh scaling process

The need to weigh the goods and posting the values to Dynamics 365 arises at many stages – from manufacturing to inventory management to shipment. For better efficiencies, an optimal weigh scale application that integrates easily with Dynamics 365 is required. The automated processes reduce the effort for weighing significantly and makes the data availability easy for the users.


Key capabilities of Weigh Scale Integration

integration of automatic data migration icon

Integration of automatic data migration in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

simple to use icon

Simple to use .Net based application

one time configuration icon

One-time configuration in the user’s system

configuration of a short cut key icon

Configuration of a short cut key for quick use

fetch weight action on transactions icon

Fetch weight action on transactions like production entry, GRN, sales order

generation of amount icon

Generation of amount and quantity invoices and reports

Benefits of integrating Weigh Scale with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

  • Improve efficiency by avoiding manual erroneous entries
  • Automatically pick an accurate weight from the scale and indicator
  • Eliminate double weighing, inaccurate weighing, and weighing frauds
  • Save time by reducing manual entry
  • Accelerate weighing and processing steps

Use cases of Weigh Scale Integration

Checking incoming and outgoing goods in accordance with the PO or order receipts
Integrating the scale while packaging and shipping the goods
Controlling the weights of the trucks entering or exiting the factory premises
Using weigh scales at picking, production, inventory, incoming and outgoing goods

Here’s how Weigh Scale Application works


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