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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Packages by Intech Systems

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    Achieve Maximum ROI with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Streamline Operations and Boost Profitability with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.Drive Scalability and Improve Financial Visibility with Business Central Implementation.


    ROI with Dynamics 365 Business Central over three years

    <1 Year

    To payback


    Reduction in finance and operations hiring needs


    How an ERP like Business Central Can Help Optimize Manufacturing for the Digital Era

    Supply Chain Disruptions

    such as increasing supply- demand fluctuations, inventory shortage, cyber attacks and global economy trend shifts

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    Growing global competition

    which impacts current manufacturing process, creates shift in technology, creates new manufacturing guidelines influenced by global agendas

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    Shortage of defined & automated Processes

    which delays project delivery times, impacts customer-services & increases dependency on manual intervention

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    Adherence to Compliance & Regulations

    Every region has their own regulations & compliance challenges, impacting an organization’s ability to scale.

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    Rapid Technological Advancements

    Technology is ever-evolving, today we’re seeing a rapid shift to AI, Machine Learning, Process Automation and customized data reports

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    Disjointed legacy systems that impact ability to scale

    Too many vendors for each separate process have led to lack of data integration, process delays and high IT infrastructure costs.

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    Unify Your Business for a Competitive Edge: Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Streamline operations, boost customer satisfaction, and make data-driven decisions – all within a single, cloud-based platform with our Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions.

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    Performance and Scale

    Supercharge speed, efficiency, and responsiveness with a cloud-based infrastructure. Scale seamlessly to meet growing demands, without limitations.


    Navigate complex regulations with confidence. Automate compliance tasks and enforce best practices across your organization.

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    Ensure business continuity with secure backups, disaster recovery plans, and failover capabilities. Minimize downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.


    Implement robust security measures with advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, and threat detection technologies.

    Why Choose Intech's Rapid Implementation Packages for Dynamics 365 Business Central for accelerated business growth?

    Our rapid implementation packages and Business Central solutions have been designed to offer manufacturers faster implementation timelines at a lower cost, so they can focus their energy on what matters most: growth and innovation.

    Dynamics 365 Business Central Pricing & Packages

    At Intech, we believe in simplifying & accelerating your path to digital success.
    We understand that “One Size Does Not Fit All,”so we have designed three different Business Central packages tailored to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes and across industries. And, with prices so good, it's almost a bargain!

    Financial Management
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    Business Central Lite

    One-time implementation cost 1 - week Support
    (post Go-Live)

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    Business Central Elite
    10% Off

    One-time implementation cost 2 - week Support
    (post Go-Live)

    Why Choose this?

    5 Ways Dynamics 365 Business Central Empowers Businesses to Begin Their ERP Journey

    Enhance your ERP’s functionality with Intech’s Dynamics 365 Implementation Packages

    Below are some of our top solutions that integrate seamlessly with Business Central to cater to a Manufacturer’s specific needs. These ISV products and industry solutions have been designed to help manufacturers streamline their production processes, manage inventory, and provide real-time insights that help stakeholders make informed decisions. If you are interested in discovering Business Central implementation for manufacturing, contact us today to learn how our robust solutions can empower your business processes with industry-specific functionalities.

    Advance Purchase
    Business Central

    An app that allows you to monitor your advance purchase cycle and offers ease of raw materials planning.

    Business Central

    An app to maintain product operations on a single screen with less time and effort.

    Item code generator
    Business Central

    An app that generates item codes to help keep you track of your inventory items such as lists, invoices & order forms

    Plant Maintenance
    Business Central

    An app that helps automate plant maintenance and take actions ahead of time to prevent disruptions.

    Quality Control
    Business Central

    An app to check quality control of your goods through different phases in your production cycle with ease

    Product Catalogue
    Business Central

    An app that helps you build your product catalogue by easily configuring your items on the sales document

    Learn How Implementing an ERP Solution like D365 Business Central Impacts Core Business Functions. Explore Case Studies.

    Intech's Dynamics 365 Business Central Success Stories

    Discover Intech’s Business Central implementation process and connects sales, service, finance, and operations teams in a single solution to help them adapt faster, work smarter, and deliver results.

    IMAX is thrilled to introduce Business Center, marking a significant milestone in our operations. The system simplifies our work processes, making business trips to away from factory to Japan and other locations more efficient. The transition from hard to soft document copies is cost-effective and improves workflow. IMAX acknowledges the need for ongoing improvements and discussions, and we appreciate the support Intech has made in this transformation.

    Mr. Kiyoshi Oshima

    Managing Director at IMAX - MA Extrusion

    We are very thankful to the Intech team for guiding us through the migration process from Navision to Business Central. The tailored cloud-based ERP solution provided by Intech has proven to be beneficial for our team, especially with remote and work-from-home arrangements. I wholeheartedly recommend Intech for their seamless and timely project execution within budget, with a special mention to your migration team.

    Mr. Kunal Shah

    Switch Gears Pvt. Ltd

    Naresh Patel, Finance Manager at Biotek Ortho, praises Intech Business Central for its transformative impact on their operations. The seamless integration and real-time insights have streamlined tasks and improved decision-making. He commends the Intech team for their responsiveness, knowledge, and dedication, highlighting the positive impact on customer relationships and sales. He strongly recommends Intech to medical device companies seeking to elevate their business, confident it can deliver similar success.

    Mr. Naresh Patel

    Finance Manager at Biotek Ortho

    “We want to thank the entire team at Intech for their support in the successful implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central for Turtle Shell Technologies. We appreciate all the efforts (and the late-nighters) for making this project a huge success. We are happy to have Intech as our ERP implementation partner.”

    VP, Product and Marketing at Dozee

    “Intech is well known for its expertise in manufacturing and for having provided solutions in the Foundry Industry. They worked with us in arriving at a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP, which was most comprehensive, and easy to use.”

    MD, Inductotherm India Pvt. Ltd

    Integrating all of our companies with the support of modern, cloud-based systems is a top priority at Constantia Flexibles. That is why we have a clear “cloud-first” strategy in order to be able to successfully implement the digital transformation”

    CIO Constantia Flexibles

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    Have You Got Questions

    About Business Central Implementation?

    Click through to our FAQ for the best answers!

    What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is global ERP system and proudly holds the title of BEST cloud ERP of 2024, as recognized by Forbes. As a global ERP system, It empower businesses worldwide with seamless integration, robust financial management, and advanced analytics. From streamlining operations to accelerating growth, It provide the agility and scalability necessary to thrive in today's competitive landscape. Trusted by all organization sizes, system is committed to delivering unparalleled efficiency and innovation, ensuring businesses can adapt, evolve, and succeed in the digital era.

    How much does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cost?

    Business Central can be implemented using three distinct approaches:

    Rapid Implementation:

    1) This approach leverages out-of-the-box features and is characterized by a swift implementation timeline, typically ranging between 4 to 8 weeks.

    2) Ideal for organizations seeking a streamlined deployment without extensive customizations.

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    How do I implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

    To implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central effectively, it's essential to collaborate with a trusted Microsoft Bizapps partner like Intech System. We provide comprehensive guidance on the preparation required and the timeline for implementation. Our approach follows a structured methodology across distinct phases:

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    How long does it take to implement Business Central?

    The timeline for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is tailored according to the complexity of your requirements and the nature of your business, spanning from one to nine months. This variability ensures that each implementation is carefully adjusted to meet specific needs and challenges, delivering a solution that optimally supports your business operations.

    What are the licensing plans available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

    Technology is ever-evolving, today we’re seeing a rapid shift to AI, Machine Learning, Process Automation and customized data reports

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    Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central be customized

    Yes definitely it can be customized.

    A proficient partner will guide you on customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central judiciously. With a multitude of features available, we will recommend optimal mappings to your requirements directly or via suitable workarounds, minimizing the need for extensive customization.

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    How do I migrate from Microsoft GP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

    Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central involves several key steps:

    1. Assessment and Planning: Evaluate current Dynamics GP setup and create a migration plan with timelines and resources.

    2. Data Migration: Use Azure Data Factory to securely transfer data from on-premises SQL Server to Business Central online.

    3. Configuration and Setup: Configure Business Central to match business processes and integrate necessary customizations.

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    Licensing Plans Table