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7 reasons to migrate your business to cloud

December 21st, 2017 Intech SystemIntech Systems Cloud computing

The world is changing at a rapid speed when it comes to technology and innovation. Every business wants to keep up the pace by performing, growing and maximizing the ROI from its investments. In addition, providing an excellent customer experience and meeting their needs is crucial for businesses to stay in the competition. To achieve these objectives, businesses are looking at cloud computing.
Cloud is not a new thing now. It is everywhere. Whether you are checking your bank balance on your phone or shooting an email to your colleague on your commute, you are relying on cloud.
According to Forbes, by 2018, at least half of IT spending will be Cloud-based, reaching 60% of all IT infrastructure, and 60–70% of all Software, Services, and Technology Spending by 2020. Why are so many businesses migrating to the cloud? Because taking your business on cloud has many advantages which are just unachievable with on-premise software. Few of the benefits of migrating to the cloud include:

1. Cost Savings

Cutting down on the costs is significant for any business. Migrating to cloud computing cuts out the excessive cost of hardware. It offers a subscription-based model which means you just pay for the services you use with the option of scalability. Also, the easy of setup and management takes away your worries. Moving to the cloud gives a complete transformation to your business.

2. Security

There’s always a fear of losing your data in some way. You might just lose your laptop with the business files and data at the airport but worry not when you have cloud computing on your side. With cloud computing migration, all your data is stored in the cloud. You have access to the data from anywhere and you can even remotely wipe the data from the lost or stolen laptops.

3. Mobility

The ability to work remotely has become the need of the hour as world is going mobile-centric . Migrating to cloud allows your employees to access business data and files from anywhere, anytime and from any device if it has access to the internet. This increases efficiency and productivity of your workers with added convenience.

4. Scalability

Businesses keep on changing and thus their needs. This makes the cloud’s ability to scale your resources up or down based on fluctuation in business size and needs a huge asset. As the model is pay-as-you-go based, you’ll never be paying for resources you don’t utilize. When you use servers for hosting, it becomes difficult to scale as it is both tedious and expensive.

5. Integration

Cloud computing provides a single platform for accessing, editing and sharing documents anytime, from anywhere. Your employees will be able to do more together, and do it better.  With the accessibility of all the applications, software, processes, and data on a single platform, you get full visibility of your collaborations.

6. Disaster Recovery

Businesses have piles of data – both online and offline. Having a backup is not only advisable but necessary. The cloud offers disaster recovery so that the tragedy of losing your data can be avoided. While businesses are understanding the importance of disaster recovery and site backup, small businesses face the dearth of finances and expertise for these processes. Cloud computing can help even small organizations to save time, avoid large investment and use third-party knowledge as part of the deal.

7. Easier updates and patches

Maintaining and keep the software updated is one of the most challenging tasks for the IT department. This takes much of their time and efforts. Migrating to cloud services means the servers are off-premise and on cloud. This removes the hassle of software maintenance because service provider takes care of them for you and roll out regular software updates.

Not moved to the cloud yet?

Allow cloud computing to make your business journey more efficient and cost-effective while keeping pace with technology. It has everything to offer for your business-from security to scalability to integration and mobility.
From ERP and CRM to Business Intelligence and Field Service, we have all the solutions cloud-based. Do you think your business needs these benefits? Contact us today for a FREE demo of any of our solutions. We are here to help with our Cloud Solutions!

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