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Intech Systems December 6th, 2022

Powering Digital Transformation Across The Professional Services Sector With Microsoft Business Applications

The professional services industry is undergoing a period of rapid change, as economic changes drive clients to demand excellent service...

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Intech Systems August 2nd, 2019

Infographic: 5 Reasons to choose Power BI

Power BI is Microsoft's data visualization and analytics tool which is used to pull data from the wide range of...

powerbi vs tableau
Intech Systems April 26th, 2019

Power BI Vs Tableau: A Comparison Study

An Introduction to Power BI and Tableau There is a proverb that says – A picture is worth a thousand...

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Intech Systems August 29th, 2018

How is Business Intelligence changing the manufacturing industry?

The manufacturing industry is one of the most complicated and demanding industries due to the complexity of operations and production....

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Intech Systems March 6th, 2018

6 ways how Business Intelligence in manufacturing is revolutionizing the operations

Manufacturing companies are constantly finding ways to streamline their operations. With Big Data and Business Intelligence taking shape, manufacturing operations...

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Intech Systems February 13th, 2018

5 ways to implement best practices of Data Analytics

According to a research, companies using analytics for decision making are 6% more profitable than those that don’t. Companies now...

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Intech Systems February 3rd, 2018

7 problems that a Business Intelligence tool can help you resolve

Every day managers take critical decisions based on the information available. With advancement in technology and customer expectations, businesses must...

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Intech Systems August 28th, 2017

Infographic: 6 best practices of data visualization

Modeling, monitoring, and analyzing information are analytical skills. But when sharing those analysis, you have to act like a designer...

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Intech Systems July 31st, 2017

8 traits to look for in a Business Intelligence tool

Businesses are getting bigger and so it is imperative for them to have better insights into their data. Business Data...

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Intech Systems March 16th, 2017

Is your Business Intelligence Software giving you a better ROI?

Do you know many organizations just ‘adopt’ Business Intelligence software? Yes, the software which is meant to provide you insights...

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