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Infographic: 5 Reasons to choose Power BI

August 2nd, 2019 Intech SystemIntech Systems Business Intelligence, Infographics

Power BI is Microsoft’s data visualization and analytics tool which is used to pull data from the wide range of systems in the cloud or on-premise. The capability of integrating itself from any Microsofts product and providing a real-time data analytics report with the user-friendly layout, makes Power BI stand out from other Business Intelligence solutions.
Below are the top 5 reasons to choose Power BI.

reasons to choose power bi

Power BI in Cloud

Create and share your data across cloud and global data centers to meet your compliance and regulation needs

Power BI is Economical

Power BI  Desktop is free to use, and Power BI Pro is available for monthly per user. It is cost-effective and drives analytical data culture throughout the organization

Power BI is Self-Service BI

It is not just a self-service tool. But, it is also an enterprise-strength tool. A competent Excel user can easily use the Power BI with fulfilling the needs of the enterprise level requirement

Power BI with Excel

Self-service at its best, Power BI is for anyone who is familiar with Office 365 and can easily connect with Excel helping to quickly gather, analyze, publish, and share Excel business data in new ways

Power BI is Real-Time

Make a uniform and a sound decision with real-time data. From factory sensors to social media sources, get access to real-time analytics for a timely-decision


Many organization with a huge amount of data have already started using Power BI to manage their analytical reports. Power BI provides the organization with the ease of use by propelling them into a data-driven culture.
Have questions about implementing the right BI solution for your business? Talk to an expert consultant at Intech Systems about the benefits of the Microsoft Power BI platform.

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