Month: March 2017

silent printing from NAV
Nishit Patel March 30th, 2017

Silent Printing from Dynamics NAV

Here is the new concept of Silent Printing from Dynamics NAV. Silent Printing will help you to print from NAV...

MicrosoftDynamicsAX2012R3 1170x624 1
Intech Systems March 23rd, 2017

Implementing table extension framework in Dynamics AX

To implement the table extension framework in Dynamics AX  2012 R3, following are the steps: Assume that you have table SalesLine and...

business intelligence software 1170x683 1
Intech Systems March 16th, 2017

Is your Business Intelligence Software giving you a better ROI?

Do you know many organizations just ‘adopt’ Business Intelligence software? Yes, the software which is meant to provide you insights...

Power BI
Intech Systems March 9th, 2017

Drive digital transformation in manufacturing operations with Power BI

Manufacturing and Operations are part of every business at various levels. These are the base of the whole business functioning....

Shortcuts image 1170x658 1
Nilesh Gajjar March 6th, 2017

Make your work with Dynamics NAV easier with these shortcuts

Top up your experience and make your work in Dynamics NAV easier with these shortcuts. This post is about keyboard...

Field Level Security in NAV 2016
Nilesh Gajjar March 3rd, 2017

Field Level Security is now possible with NAV 2016!

Dynamics NAV 2016 now supports the field level security capability with new property for table’s field AccessByPermission. Set a value for the...

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