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What’s New In Tech: Integrating AI Builder with Power Platform

AI Builder, a central element of the Microsoft Power Platform, enables users to create and adopt AI models tailored to augment their business progressions. This adaptable tool extends the open-endedness to choose between capitalizing prebuilt models created for diverse conventional business settings or drawing up custom models to specifically make parallel with prerequisites. By smoothly integrating with Power Apps and Power Automate, AI Builder facilitates businesses to systematize projects and isolate important insights from their data, advancing proficiency and transformation within the organization.

Whether opting for readily available models or creating bespoke solutions, AI Builder serves as a catalyst for process optimization. Its intuitive interface and compatibility with Power Platform applications empower users to harness the potential of artificial intelligence, driving automation and informed decision-making. This not only streamlines operations but also facilitates a deeper understanding of data, contributing to more agile and data-driven business practices.

Infuse intelligence into your business effortlessly with the seamless integration of AI into Power Apps and Power Automate. Here’s a step-by-step guide to adding intelligence to your operations:

  1. Choose an AI Model Type: Begin by selecting the AI model type that aligns with your specific business requirements. Whether you opt for a prebuilt solution or create a custom model, a diverse range of AI options is available. Refer to the no-code AI cheat sheet for expert guidance in making the right choice.
  2. Connect Data: Tailor your AI model by selecting relevant data specific to your business from the available options. This step ensures that your AI solution is finely tuned to the nuances of your operations.
  3. Tailor Your AI Model: Customize your chosen AI model to enhance its performance and make it more attuned to your business needs. This flexibility allows you to optimize the model for maximum effectiveness.
  4. Train Your AI Model: The training process is automated, teaching your AI model how to effectively address your business challenges. For instance, it could learn to recognize products in an image. Once trained, your AI model can generate valuable insights, such as predictive outcomes or the identification of objects in an image.
  5. Use Insights from Your AI Model: Leverage the insights gained from your AI model seamlessly across the Power Platform. Even without coding skills, you can utilize these results to create solutions tailored to meet your business needs. For example, automate document processing in Power Automate or develop an app in Power Apps predicting supplier compliance, all with ease and efficiency.

Power Apps with AI Builder

Source: Microsoft

By following these steps, you can integrate intelligence into your business processes, harnessing the power of AI without the need for extensive coding expertise.

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