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What’s New In Tech: Exploring the Latest in Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Microsoft Co-pilot Studio integrates the potential of large language models (LLMs) with one’s data in the Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 apps to pivot one’s points directly into the most potent tool for maximizing efficiency and output. Copilot is blended into Microsoft 365 in predominantly two ways. It functions side by you, immersed in the Microsoft 365 apps you utilize on daily basis – PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Excel, Teams, and many more. The new features of Copilot rope in more personalization about your functions and directions on what’s of value to you, so you receive customized responses based on your distinctive functions and likings, which include preferences on formatting, style, and tone.
The complete list of novel capabilities of Copilot for Microsoft 365 are:

1. Copilot in Microsoft Teams: Copilot in Teams is amplified and blended into a meeting assistant, empowering active involvement and focus. Cross-team note-taking features record and circulate meeting details with ease with a feature like highlighting any participant’s remarks.
2. Copilot in Microsoft Outlook: Copilot in Outlook simplifies meeting arrangements by scanning invitations, emails, and documents to generate a concise summary.
3. Copilot in Microsoft Word: Copilot in Word can be utilized to generate document revisions.
4. Copilot in Microsoft PowerPoint: Copilot in PowerPoint includes one’s corporate brand elements using the brand asset and image library. You can use Microsoft Designer to reconstruct them into AI-generated visuals.

And there’s more. The all new and dynamic Microsoft Copilot is constantly upgrading, so it can serve as your ultimate work assistant. From organizing your workday to tailoring content and proofreading your emails, there is nothing that Dynamics 365 Copilot cannot do. Do you want to learn more and discover the full breadth of functionalities that Copilot offers?
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