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Power Up Your Workflow: Microsoft Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central positions itself at the frontline of the AI terrain, enabling over 30,000 small and medium-sized enterprises. Next to cutting-edge AI, Microsoft Copilot augments efficiency, powers projects, and inspires innovation, dealing with time and energy challenges in the place of work, and authorizing focused task classification.
Dynamics 365 Business Central incorporates AI to inspire small and medium-sized businesses, expediting swift set-ups, quicker adaptation, and improved functioning. AI within Dynamics 365 Business Central upgrades workflows, assisting you to:

  • Top of Form
  • Develop rapid and effortless responses through natural language processing.
  • improve efficiency by automating tiresome, repetitive duties, thus saving time.
  • Advance innovation by generating imaginative content suggestions.
  • Predict and address business hurdles proactively.


  1. Reclaim valuable time for pivotal work:

For small or medium-sized businesses, cost-effective asset implementation is crucial for success. Envision having an AI associate to promptly pinpoint documents and help in onboarding new staff, update tasks, and augment efficiency. With Copilot’s conversational chat feature in Dynamics 365 Business Central, launched in early 2024, you can effortlessly access documents, onboard new team members, and boost productivity with natural language interactions.


  1. Streamline month-end tasks with enhanced bank reconciliation:

Previously, Business Central assisted auto-matching for up-front transactions but laboured with complex scenarios, like multiple charges in one payment. Now, Copilot in Business Central shortens bank reconciliation further. It examines imported bank statements, matches more transactions, and suggests entries for those not auto-matched. By interpreting transaction details comprehensively, Copilot enhances reconciliation accuracy and reduces manual work.


  1. Unlock creativity with marketing text suggestions:

Copilot in Business Central assists product managers in saving time and boosting sales with AI-generated marketing text ideas. By considering attributes such as colour and material, Copilot crafts personalized product descriptions quickly. After adjustments, one can publish on e-commerce platforms with just a few clicks.


  1. Elevate customer service with enhanced inventory prediction:

Efficient inventory management is essential for business success and customer satisfaction. It involves balancing service quality with cost efficiency. AI-driven Sales and Inventory Forecast extension predicts future demand based on past sales data, reducing stockouts. Business Central simplifies replenishment by generating vendor requests, ensuring timely order fulfilment and happy customers.


  1. Mitigate risk with predictions for late payments:

Efficient receivables management is critical for financial health. The Late Payment Prediction extension forecasts timely payment for outstanding invoices, allowing adjustments to payment terms or methods as needed. Proactively addressing potential late payments minimizes overdue receivables, mitigates non-payment risk, and enhances financial performance.


  1. Strengthen financial stability with Cash Flow Analysis:

Employing AI, Business Central generates thorough Cash Flow Analysis, enabling you to monitor your company’s cash status. This analysis is crucial for assessing solvency and planning, ensuring financial stability. With Business Central’s insights, you can swiftly adapt to safeguard fiscal health, like securing loans during cash shortages or adjusting credit during surplus cash.



In conclusion, harness the transformative power of Copilot in Business Central to propel your company forward. AI-driven innovations, unleash human potential, nurture innovation, and pilot productivity, modernizing workplace dynamics. Embrace this integration of AI to redefine what’s achievable in your organization, navigating the complexities of today’s business environment with agility, precision, and a renewed focus on what truly matters.

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Intech Systems is a leading IT services company focused on providing world-class implementation and support services for Microsoft Technologies. Intech’s wide range of services helps companies in their digital transformation journeys by providing technology solutions, across all three Microsoft clouds– Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365. With offices in India and the US, Intech has a rich experience of over 40 years, with more than 250 certified consultants, having implemented projects in 10+ countries. Today, Intech is amongst the top managed partners in India and a Microsoft-certified Solutions Partner for Data and AI (Azure), Business Applications, and Digital App and Innovation.

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