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Key Highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2023.

Microsoft Ignite, an annual tech conference, serves as the epicenter for unveiling groundbreaking updates across the Microsoft technology portfolio. Get ready for a journey where each revelation reshapes the future of technology!

Stay tuned as we delve into Azure AI, CoPilot, Generative AI, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform, uncovering the transformative advancements that are reshaping the digital landscape. From revolutionary infrastructure advancements to transformative low-code solutions, Microsoft Ignite is your gateway to the next era of digital possibilities. Don’t believe us? Let’s see why:


 Azure and Generative AI: Transformative Innovations Unleashed!

1. Azure Kubernetes Service Capabilities: Introducing Kubernetes AI Toolchain Operator for cost-effective self-hosting of specialized AI workloads on AKS.

2. Azure Container Apps – GPU Workload Profiles (Preview): Developers can build intelligent applications with dedicated GPU workload profiles, and open-source vector databases—Qdrant, Milvus, and Weaviate—as add-ons.

3. Azure Migrate Application and Code Assessment: Assess .NET and Java applications before migration with Azure Migrate’s new capabilities.

4. Revolutionizing AI Studio and Content Safety: Azure AI Studio (public preview) streamlines AI solution development, while Azure AI Content Safety enhances model evaluation and content safety.

5.  Copilot Innovations and Beyond: Expanding Copilot Copyright Commitment, preview of GPT-4 Turbo with Vision, and upcoming Assistants API in Azure OpenAI Service.

6. Azure Cognitive Search becomes Azure AI Search: The transformation is complete with improved semantic search and vector search capabilities.

7. Unlocking Multi-Modal Capabilities: GPT-4 Turbo with Vision, soon in preview, unlocks multi-modal capabilities for applications.

8. Advancements in Azure Machine Learning: Azure Machine Learning introduces Prompt Flow and Model-as-a-Service for streamlined ML model deployment.

9. Azure AI Advantage for Rapid App Development: Accelerate AI-powered app development with a limited-time free trial of Azure Cosmos DB.

10. Microsoft Fabric Revolutionizing Analytics Workloads: Integrated with OneLake, Azure AI Studio, and Copilot for seamless analytics experiences, minimizing data duplication and enabling faster solution building using natural language.

11.  Microsoft Copilot for Azure Cosmos DB (Public Preview): Now integrated into Azure Cosmos DB, Copilot enables customers to create NoSQL queries using natural language questions. This breakthrough simplifies database management, unlocking hidden insights for more accurate AI applications. Used by applications like ChatGPT, Kymchat, Bing, and Azure Open AI Service.

12. Azure AI Studio (Public Preview): A creative haven combining pre-built AI services, prompt orchestration, and content safety for streamlined AI solution development.

13. GPT-4 Turbo with Vision (Coming Soon): Unlock multi-modal capabilities with GPT-4 Turbo with Vision in Azure OpenAI Service and Azure AI Studio. Experience applications that can see, understand, and make inferences from visual inputs.


CoPilot: Revolutionizing Azure’s Landscape


1. Microsoft Copilot for Azure (Public Preview): Your indispensable AI companion for Azure, empowering IT professionals to seamlessly design, operate, optimize, and troubleshoot applications.

2. Microsoft and Oracle Collaboration: General availability of Oracle Database@Azure simplifies cloud migration and multicloud deployment, offering direct access to Oracle database services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

3. Copilot Studio: Unleash powerful conversational capabilities like Custom GPTs and generative AI plugins. Customize for Microsoft 365 with enterprise scenarios, build standalone copilots and GPTs, and manage with precise access, data controls, and analytics—all in one web experience. Copilot Studio, available now, integrates with Copilot for Microsoft 365 in Preview.


New capabilities in Copilot for Dynamics 365


1. Expanding Copilot Capabilities: As Microsoft Copilot transforms workplaces, we unveil Microsoft Copilot for Service, offering AI-powered assistance for frontline employees. Evolution of Sales Copilot to Microsoft Copilot for Sales and new Dynamics 365 features enhance efficiency across the organization.

2. Dynamics 365 Field Service Innovations: AI-powered experiences for frontline workers within Microsoft Teams, from work order creation to data flow between Dynamics 365 Field Service and Dynamics 365 Finance.

2. Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides: Generative AI in Mixed Reality revolutionizes how frontline workers handle complex tasks.


Power Platform: Driving Low-Code Innovation

1. Power Automate Updates: Copilot for Desktop Flows (Public Preview): Assisting RPA users with information on product usage and creating desktop flows.

2. AI-Assisted Automation Activity Analysis (Public Preview): Explore AI-assisted monitoring by asking questions about past flow runs.

3. Power Apps Enhancements: Copilot for App Users (Coming Soon): Automatic insights for users in web player canvas apps.

Modern Control and Theming (Public Preview): Create elegant, fast, and reliable apps with modern controls and theming.

4. Power Platform Governance: Environment Groups and Rules (Private Preview): IT admins gain control over environments with categorization and rules.

5. Advisor in Managed Environments (Public Preview): Proactive recommendations and inline actions for governance and security.                  At Intech, we stand as pioneers in AI, driving a paradigm shift comparable to mobile, cloud, web, or PC. Embark on an innovation journey with us! Contact us at to turn your AI ambitions into reality.


About Intech Systems:

Intech Systems, a Microsoft-certified Solutions Partner based in India, is a renowned industry player with a legacy spanning nearly four decades. Their extensive experience has been marked by successful project deliveries across diverse domains and sectors. Distinguished as a three-cloud Microsoft partner, they possess the expertise to offer tailored solutions rooted in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Intech Systems’ solutions are finely crafted to address individual needs, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and automation. With a visionary commitment to catalyzing the digital transformation of operations-centric organizations worldwide, they aspire to be a trusted partner in their clients’ journeys toward growth and innovation. Beyond being mere service providers, they function as digital enablers. Interested parties are invited to explore their website to discover how Intech Systems can facilitate the realization of their goals.

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