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Intech Systems Recognized as One of The 10 Most Promising Microsoft Partners in 2024 by Silicon India Magazine

one of the 10 most promising Microsoft partners in 2024

Intech Systems is proud to announce its recognition as one of the 10 most promising Microsoft partners in 2024 by Silicon India Magazine. This prestigious accolade underscores Intech’s unwavering commitment to excellence in digital transformation and Microsoft solutions. Being named among the top 10 most promising partners is a significant honor and a validation of Intech’s relentless pursuit of innovation and customer success.

Silicon India Magazine, a leading publication in the tech space, serves as a forum for professionals to exchange knowledge and develop business relationships. Published from Bangalore, it is at the forefront of India’s modern technology revolution, making this recognition especially meaningful.

Today, Intech is a leading digital transformation expert and a top-tier Microsoft partner. The company’s ‘Business Process First, Technology Second‘ approach enables it to solve complex organizational challenges. Whether it is process reengineering, AI-enabled innovation, cloud adoption, or customer relationship management, Intech’s solutions drive comprehensive digital transformations across diverse industries. In the feature, we have delved deeper into how Intech’s innovative solutions and expertise make a significant impact in various sectors.

Intech specializes in end-to-end implementation, development, and support services exclusively for Microsoft solutions. The company’s portfolio includes a range of ISV solutions tailored for various industries such as manufacturing, professional services, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. With 55+ certified Cloud Business Apps available on AppSource, Intech is enhancing its capabilities to ensure customers derive maximum benefit from their investment. The company’s team of over 300+ Microsoft-certified experts operates from offices in five locations worldwide, delivering tailored solutions across diverse industries.

Intech has also designed three fixed-price, fixed-scope, rapid Business Central implementation packages—Lite, Delight, and Elite—specifically for SMB manufacturers. These packages allow organizations to go live with Business Central in just 4–10 weeks, offering scalability and affordability.

Looking to the future, Intech Systems is steering towards a landscape where cloud, AI, and data analytics play pivotal roles in transforming businesses globally. By focusing on innovation, differentiation, and strategic investments, Intech aims to catalyze digital transformation across operation-centric industries. “Embracing the latest AI technologies will chart our course into the future, and we stand ready at the forefront with cutting-edge solutions,” adds Deval Parikh, Managing Director.

Read the full article to learn more about Intech Systems’ innovative solutions and achievements:

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