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Empowering Organizations with AI at our BNI Event

Mr. Deval Parikh as the speaker of BNI

We recently had an event organized by BNI and Sicilian Ventures for the Vilfredo Society of BNI, a society of influential business people in the region and an extraordinary platform for members to collaborate and co-create. This platform is exclusive to members who have sponsored 8 or more members in BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization.

The event focused on using Microsoft-enabled AI to transform organizations. We had a great time leading the conversation, with Mr. Deval Parikh as the speaker, exploring how AI can elevate business strategies. It was a wonderful opportunity to share insights on how AI can drive efficiency, innovation, and growth across various sectors.

How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) changing ERP systems

Intech is leading the AI transformation mandate in organizations around the globe, regardless of size. We are committed to democratizing AI and making it accessible to all. Our team is actively involved in organizing numerous events and workshops to educate and empower businesses with AI capabilities. Through these initiatives, we aim to bridge the gap between technology and business, ensuring that every organization can harness the power of AI.

For a deeper, hands-on experience, visit our Copilot and AI Center of Excellence (CoE) and see AI in action. Our CoE provides an immersive environment where you can explore AI applications, gain practical insights, and understand how to leverage AI to your advantage.

Check out some highlights here:

Event Meetup at the Vilfredo Society of BNI Event Group at the Vilfredo Society of BNI Event at Vilfredo Society of BNI Details Explaining on Microsoft 365 Copilot Mr. Deval Parikh as the speaker

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