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Why upgrade from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365?

June 14th, 2018 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX

If you are still on the older versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX, now is the time to make a move and upgrade. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a whole lot of new features and thus, you can reduce costs and customizations with cloud implementation. Add to this the relief from re-implementations and bulky infrastructure and that makes this solution the most-sought-after one.
So, why should you upgrade from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365? The benefits are many so the below list is by no means thorough but some of the key benefits of migrating to Dynamics 365.

Bring everything together

With Dynamics 365, you get everything under one roof. You get the benefit of ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence (BI) and IoT all at one place, on the cloud. Plus, Office 365 offers productivity and collaboration tools so that you can work together from anywhere. This saves you time, money and efforts on training and any reliance on third-party software.

Lower IT maintenance

You have options to choose from on-premise, on-cloud or hybrid platform. But businesses are going cloud due to its many benefits. When you deploy Dynamics 365 in the cloud, you eliminate costs of on-premise servers and systems. Moreover, Microsoft takes the responsibility for monitoring and updating the underlying platform (Windows, SQL Server) and the application itself (with your help).

Stay updated

You get cost-effective and straightforward platform updates every 3 months and application updates every 6 months. This eliminates the need for major disruptive updates every few years which are costly and complex. Dynamics 365 also comes with a sandbox environment to allow testing of application upgrades.

Enjoy scalability

You don’t have to plan for a specific server space. Dynamics 365 is a combination of modern, intelligent cloud applications that can work great on their own and even better together. You can start with whatever you need and add apps as your requirements change. You also have options of choosing on-premise, cloud or hybrid version of Dynamics 365.

Leverage new functionalities

Dynamics 365 comes with an improved interface which offers Workspaces to give you a single, customized view for each job activity. It utilizes a native HTML5 browser-based UI, which can run on any device, any platform, and any browser. You get the advantage of many other new and enhanced features as compared to Dynamics AX.

Leverage built-in BI and Analytics

Dynamics 365 comes with a standard built-in BI and analytics tool, Microsoft Power BI. You can connect your apps and data to get the information in visualizations form. With Power BI, you get in-depth real-time insights into how your business is performing in the form of dashboards and reports. This gives you more accessible insights to drive greater efficiencies across your business.

Reduce costs

You don’t need on-premise servers and systems or many employees to take care of your ERP system. This can free up resources and enable them to divert their efforts on more important tasks. With the cloud in place, your data backups and disaster recovery are also taken care of. When you get everything in one place, you save costs of buying and maintaining other business applications.

Apart from these benefits, existing Dynamics customers may also enjoy a 40% discount upon migration to Dynamics 365. After November 2019, the special licensing offer for existing customers will return to the standard 15% discount.
For more details about the offer, get in touch with us. You can also schedule a free demo of Dynamics 365.

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