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Top 7 Features of Email Marketing with Dynamics 365

December 6th, 2019 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics

Driving an email marketing campaign is one of the significant marketing activities a business supports. Basic email marketing solutions offer the ability to build a mailing list, quickly create emails from templates, and send emails at scale. These solutions provide limited information such as bounces, opens, and click-through rates, but these are just the inception of what’s possible.
Basic email marketing solutions are just that—basic. If you want to increase the influence of your email marketing campaigns, you need to choose a solution that delivers the information you need, when and how you need it. That is when Email Marketing with Dynamics 365 solution comes in.

Below are the benefits which make this solution defeat the other third-party solutions:

Ready to use:

Like many email marketing service providers, Dynamics 365 for Marketing also has the facility to drag and drop design tools to simplify the content creation. Moreover, this tool also gives you the collection of in-built templates for your campaign to choose from with less time and designing efforts. In short, It is a simple, no-coder, easy drag-and-drops content designer.

HTML Editor:

What if you want some unique field in your campaign? Here is when HTML editor comes for your rescue. With the help of an in-built HTML editor, you can design your template as per your need hassle-free.

Each message is essential:

Emailers aren’t the standard messages which include To and Bcc fields. The long list of recipients is often difficult to manage and seldom end up in the Spam box. In Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can personalize each message for each recipient which is designed for the entire marketing segment. It is easy and delivers the message one at a time.

Email Preview:

Previews and test send works great when you want to check how your email looks like after sending it. In Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can have 2 types of previews:

  1. Basic Preview: Which helps you to see how your email looks like in various devices such as mobiles, tablets, and desktops.
  2. Inbox Preview: This advanced preview option helps you to check how your email exactly looks in a wide variety of target email clients and platforms.

This feature holds significance because you can work on your emails before sending it to the target audience.

Analyze Result:

Analyzing results is not only confined to check the bounce rate and failed delivery address. But it is important to know how many of your contacts have open, click, and forward your mail.
This facility is available in Dynamics 365 for Marketing where you can know the result and analyze your mail. Moreover, one of the unique features it has is forward-to-a-friend. The forward-to-a-friend form helps to track all the email interactions of your message.
Moreover, it is possible to create your own custom analytics and reports from your Dynamics 365 Marketing data by using Power BI.

Customer Journey with target segments:

Once your email is live, it is active for the customer journey. The customer journey sets a target segment (i.e., a group of customers strategically selected) and works with that segment. You can set a trigger in a regular interval of time based on your requirements.
For example, you run an event campaign for the customer based in Mumbai. The customer journey then applies and triggers that separates contacts who sign-up for the event from who doesn’t. The people who have signed-up will move further in the customer journey such as receiving thank you emails or event details mail. But, for the people who have not opened the mail till the considerate time, they will receive a follow-up email for the registration. By this, you can keep track of your contacts in a more detail manner until they are qualified as a lead.
This is the major characteristic that makes this solution distinguish.

A/B Testing:

You create a pleasing design with great content, but it does not hit the correct chords of your customer, worth the hard work? No! You should always A/B test your mail with one or more designs on a small segment and check which email is worth sending to the rest of the customers. Moreover, a marketing team is also able to determine and optimize the email engagement rate by evaluating key performance factors.
These are the features that make Email Marketing in Dynamics 365 for Marketing to stand-out from other email service providers. From making your message go live before mailing, so segmenting your customers, and to perform A/B test, all aspects are included in this solution making your marketing crew loaf.
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