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Supercharge Operations with D365 Supply Chain Management

December 16th, 2021 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics NAV, ERP

In this era of digital transformation, it is becoming increasingly crucial for manufacturers and supply chain managers to uncover strategies to drive growth and keep their businesses agile.

Over the last few years, global supply chains have faced many disturbances, from biological catastrophes to trade wars. It has become more significant than ever before for businesses to leverage the right enterprise solution to enhance visibility across supply chains and empower stakeholders to take actions ahead of time to mitigate risks. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is a cloud-based operational and warehouse management platform from the extended suite of Microsoft business applications. This software integrates planning, production, inventory, warehouse operations, and even transport to enhance operational efficiency, improve product quality and increase overall profitability.

What is Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

The Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Module empowers businesses to build a resilient and reliable logistics and supply network and get end-to-end visibility into each stage of their supply chain to predict disruptions fast and respond faster through business intelligence, AI-driven insights, and IoT.

With extensive CRM capabilities and add-ons, D365 Supply Chain equips the user with complete control over sales operations, customer experience, and increased productivity.

Why Choose Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

  1. The Power of IoT- Using IoT intelligence, users can gain predictive insights across the supply chain to manage potential disruptions and avoid supplementary maintenance costs and downtime.
  2. Maximize the Uptime and Longevity of Goods– Increase the quality and uptime of assets by implementing enhanced resource scheduling and leveraging the power of mixed reality and IoT.
  3. Forecast Customer Demands– Supply Chain managers can now enhance their demand forecasting capabilities with D365’s AI-driven insights and Machine Learning capabilities. With these insights, users can regulate production planning to ensure on-time delivery of goods.
  4. End-to-end Supply Chain Management– From sourcing and procurement of raw materials to delivery of finished goods, D365 Supply Chain takes care of it all with an automated workflow and other expansive capabilities that increase productivity and improve customer experience.
  5. Guarantee High-Quality Goods– D365 makes it easy for users to improve the quality of their products while decreasing the go-to-market time by adhering to rigid quality standards across all stages of the production cycle.
  6. Fewer Customer Returns– Users can easily access vital information about return products and the reasons that can help devise methods to ensure fewer product returns in the future.
  7. Optimize Order Management– Users can readily fulfil the logistical requirements of multinational operations with an avant-garde distributed order management solution from Dynamics 365.
  8. Automate Warehouse Operations– D365 offers an integrated warehouse management solution that facilitates the user to handle all manufacturing, quality check, sales, distribution, product returns, and transportation operations swiftly and efficiently.
  9. Improve the Overall User Experience– D365 Supply Chain improves inbound and outbound logistical operations for seamless supply chain management that guarantees on-time delivery of the best quality products, thereby improving the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

With the rise of digitization, it becomes critical to stay connected and build agile factories by leveraging the power of predictive insights, IoT, and mixed reality to enhance throughput, quality, and productivity. With D365 Supply Chain Management, users get access to customer demand forecasts to help them allocate resources optimally and plan ahead of their manufacturing schedule to ensure on-time product delivery. Whether you are into discrete, lean, project-based, process-based, or mixed-mode manufacturing, this application helps you build the most suitable environment for your business needs.

We at Intech Systems are here to help you as you adapt to changing business models with intelligent and reliable supply chain management solutions. We are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions according to their business requirements.

Intech, a Microsoft-certified Gold Partner, is amongst the top Microsoft Dynamics partners in India today and is trusted by 200+ customers globally for its digital transformation solutions. With offices in India and the United States, Intech has over four decades of experience in delivering top-notch technology solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365, F&O, Business Central, CRM, Power BI, Power Apps, Microsoft Azure Cloud, AI, loT, and other custom-developed applications.

Our firm focuses on implementation, development, and support services for Microsoft Business Applications. Contact us at to learn more about the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and how it can benefit your business.


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