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What’s New in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

February 7th, 2020 Intech SystemDynamics 365 FO Techies Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics

Recently, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations platform update 33 was released for user preview. This release has remarkable new features added to the Dynamics 365 F&O apps. Below is a brief of the changes.


New Grid Control

The latest and enhanced grid control offers the capability to boost user productivity, create engaging data views and insights. Below are some advantages of new grid control.

  1. Performance: It provides improved rendering speed and faster scrolling experience
  2. Positional scrolling: User can scroll the data positionally directly from the website. For example, if you browse through 10,000 rows in a grid, and click the middle of the scrollbar, you will immediately go to record 5,000. This happens without retrieving data from the server
  3. General improvements: In the existing grids, data and grids are misaligned, scrolling is not smooth as well. In the new update, various enhancements have made to improve the usability of grids
  4. Reorder columns: Now, you can record the columns just by dragging.
  5. Mathematical formulas: To make the system recognize the value as an expression, start with an equal sign. It means, now the user can enter the mathematical formulas in a grid.

The new grid also enables more complex features to be built into it. These additions to the grid will be introduced and enhanced in subsequent monthly updates:

  1. Totals: Easily view the totals for a filtered set of transactions for a specific customer
  2. Fast data entry: No obligation to wait for the server to enter data into the grid. It saves the validation time taken by the server

Grouping with subtotals in grids

To save the time and efforts of the users to create and generate an analysis of data, one can enable the grouping of data within the web client and extend the Totals feature. This will help the users to get insights directly from the Dynamics F&O app without using Excel and pivot tables.

Embedded Third-Party Apps

Now the user will have the option to embed third-party apps inside tab pages within existing forms or create new full-page experiences that showcase your third-party app.
To facilitate this, the Add a Power App option in the personalization toolbar has been replaced with an Add an app option. Selecting this option opens a gallery page where the user can decide which kind of app they want to embed, such as a Power App or website.
Note that only system administrators, security administrators, and IT managers have access to this capability out of the box.

Recommended fields

Use of AI, not only provides the personalization but also helps utilize usage data from other users doing similar work to make personalized suggestions to increase user productivity.
The suggested field surfaces when a user tries to add a new field into the page or a new column into the grid.

Finance and Operations Licensing

With the October 2019 release Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain and Dynamics 365 Retail are the three separate apps. The wave 1 release in 2020 is about user-interface and license enforcement. Now, users can only access menu items that their license allows. In addition, the product name and brand will reflect the license associated with the current user.

New task recorder capabilities for RSAT

Customers are encouraged to create regression test suites using the Regression suite automation tool (RSAT) and task recorder to ensure updates to Finance and Operations apps are seamless and issue-free for their businesses.
The task recorder pane is now resizable to give you more space to work with all the content in that pane. This capability also applies to all the other content that displays in that space, therefore including the help pane, trace parser, as well as message details.
These are some of the new enhancements and features update in D365 Finance and Operations. You can read Microsoft’s documentation for details. Want to opt for Dynamics 365 for your business? You can contact us at to schedule a call or a demo.

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