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Mobile ERP – An ERP for modern businesses

October 30th, 2017 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics 365, ERP, Microsoft Dynamics

Mobile technology is growing at a rapid rate and is now an integral part of our lifestyle. Be it personal or professional, our lives revolve around mobile technology. New devices, operating systems, applications and technology are mushrooming every day. Mobile technology influences the way we do business. All the businesses are exploring new ways to adopt this technology and smoothen their daily tasks.
Keeping in mind the plethora of benefits of going mobile, ERP systems too have become mobile-friendly. Mobile ERP provides ease and flexibility to employees, allowing them to stay connected even from remote places. Thus, conducting key business processes can be much easier with a mobile ERP.
Businesses have huge database and it’s not advisable to store all the data at one place. With workforce always on-the-go, they need access to the data anywhere at any time. This is where Mobile ERP comes into picture. A salesperson can find the best and shortest route and update the details of close deal on the go. A manufacturer can automate, optimize and stay updated about his factory’s processes.

Benefits of Mobile ERP

The first and foremost benefit that will come to your mind will be ‘Staying Connected’. Yes, you can expect your employees to be connected and updated in real-time. This will make them address your customers’ pain points quickly. Customer service will become smooth, optimized and streamlined. With Mobile ERP, handle quotes and orders on-the-go, get insights into your database, keep a check on inventory, solve clients’ issues timely and do much more.

Real time data capture

You don’t have to feed the data manually and repeatedly into different systems. Though you have stored your data in one place, you can access it from miles away and that too in real-time. You can also get data as to who updated the information and when.

Business Intelligence anywhere

With Mobile ERP, get updates about the latest trends and developments. Business Intelligence gives a competitive advantage to your sales and marketing team so that they can set trends, extrapolate and make the optimum use of your data.

Increased productivity

With real-time access to accurate data, your employees will become more productive. Rather than being able to access data only from office, they can do it from anywhere, anytime. This will reduce their waste of time. Mobile ERP also helps in cutting down repetitive, tedious paperwork.

Seamless implementation

The number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly. Almost every employee owns a smartphone these days. Implementing mobile ERP is now not a big deal and can be set up in just few minutes. Also, the easy availability of internet reliefs in implementing and using Mobile ERP.

Adopting a Mobile ERP

All-in-all, a Mobile ERP can be a great asset for your company. It gives you a competitive edge for doing better. Analyse and know which ERP system is right for your business. With proper ERP system in place, you can reduce turnaround time, increase productivity, lower costs and serve your clients better.
To know how a mobile ERP will benefit your business, write to us at for free demo and consultation.

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