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Microsoft Dynamics GP – What Future Holds?

May 31st, 2019 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics 365, ERP, Microsoft Dynamics

When Microsoft released their newest solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central everyone had the same question – What Future holds for Dynamics GP? The new cloud ERP software targets the same small and medium business as Dynamics GP. To avoid further confusion Microsoft also released the road map of Dynamics GP for customers and partners to be transparent.
The latest Dynamics GP road map highlights the new version every year with the new capabilities, features, and improvements but at present scenario, Dynamics GP customers are left out for not possessing full cloud capabilities and holds no chance in future as well (maybe). Even community support is increasing day by day for D365. Due to these reasons some of the partners and customers are switching to Dynamics 365.

Below are the top 3 reasons for the switch


Scalability is so important for the growing organization, and it’s being vital for the companies to opt for cloud implementation. With Microsoft GP, with SaaS architecture providing a ‘Private Cloud’ an organization can only utilize the cloud benefits when they are internet connectivity.
As a result,
Microsoft GP on-premise solution comes into the picture, which needs to be installed at a customer site or hosted at a data-center. While in Dynamics 365 organization can work from any device, any location and that’s what everyone wants today.


In Dynamics GP, it requires a third-party tool and some roundabout reporting efforts to produce a dimensional report. This is the second reason for the organization to switch over to Dynamics 365. It uses the dimensional reporting structure and can define a default dimension.

Upgrade Path:

The ready to start approach for Dynamics GP has been a little cumbersome. The solution is old, and it requires regular upgrades. Many organizations due to time constraints skip the upgrades, new release and choose to use the older version of the software.
While in Dynamics 365 upgrades are for certain intervals and are driven with some minor testing via a sandbox environment.


It is essential for any partner or customer to understand the difference between the Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP. Both are Microsoft Product, serving SME’s the only difference is the features they persist. While Microsoft continues to invest in GP, they are trying to make it easier for the GP users to move to the cloud. By opening the doors to Dynamics 365, businesses will have a chance to see if actionable analytics, enhancement in collaboration, and instant accessibility are enough to make the switch.
Dynamics GP has its unique advantages and quality. However, plenty of reasons are there for preferring Dynamics 365. If you are still not sure which solution to choose, contact our expert today.

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