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Why should you consider integrating barcode scanner with an ERP system?

December 6th, 2018 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, ERP

Managing a warehouse is a daunting task. There’s so much data to manage, process, and analyze that it becomes difficult to do it manually. Warehouse management takes a lot of time, effort, and energy. However, choosing an ERP system with a warehouse management module is not enough. Your system might still expose inefficiencies in your warehouse. Are you facing any of these problems currently?

  • Increased inventory overstock issues
  • Poor customer service
  • Imbalanced incoming and outgoing records
  • Increased office expenses
  • Manual errors in inventory stocking and dispatching

If you said yes to any of these, consider integrating barcode scanning system to your ERP. Barcode technology is the proven solution for many of your manufacturing, inventory, and distribution woes. It is currently the most used and accessible method to track the “stuff” in your warehouse.
A barcode can transform your business from being inefficient and slow to productive and streamlined when integrated with an ERP system like Dynamics ERP.

How does this integration of barcode and ERP work?

Barcode scanning gives you a real-time or a near-real-time view of all your goods – assets, WIP products, inventory, etc. This helps your ERP system to give you up-to-date and clear business insights about the availability, location, and status of your goods. Implementing an ERP software for these functions without integrating it with a barcode scanning technology gives you just a fraction of potential benefits.
Here are some reasons why integrating barcode scanner to your ERP is beneficial to your company.

1)    Improved inventory tracking

This goes without saying that inventory tracking becomes easy with barcode scanning. Accurate inventory scanning during receiving, storing, using, and dispatching gives you a better and real-time information about your inventory. But when integrated with an ERP like Dynamics AX or NAV, you can optimize the use and placement of the tracked inventory. This data can then be used for production planning, demand forecasting, and much more.

2)    Enhanced accuracy

Human errors are prone to happen during data collection. Plus, manual tracking is too much of a hassle. Barcode scanner and ERP together can improve efficiency and accuracy of data collection by removing those potential errors. With barcode scanning, the workers can do a better, faster job due to reduced data entry and lower misprints.

3)    Reduced Costs

Barcode scanning is an investment that you will cherish for long. With less manual work and thus, efficient workers, you can save a substantial amount of efforts and time. As the tracking and data gathering becomes automated, much of the labor is saved. You get a better view of your inventory, so you can better manage your inventory. That reduces both inventory and holding costs and can eliminate the need for safety stock.

4)    Improved Customer Satisfaction

A barcode system connected to the ERP solution improves customer satisfaction and response times by warranting timely, accurate shipments. Barcodes make the workers efficient by easing their jobs, so they can focus on more important tasks like customer service.

5)    Well Informed Employees

With the integration of barcode scanner and ERP, your employees have all the information they need on their mobile phones. This allows them to share the information on-the-go and view the needed information related to the product, shipment, inventory, etc. in real-time. When they are provided with all the information wherever and whenever they need, their productivity will increase too.


Barcode scanner and ERP integration allows businesses to improve accuracy, productivity, and efficiency while extending even better service to customers and suppliers. Intech provides barcode scanner well-suited for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, so you can further streamline your operations.

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