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Integrating QuickBooks with Dynamics 365

April 2nd, 2020 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM

Sales and accounting are the two different but necessary department of any organization. To maintain the transparency across, both the department s is linked with each other by an app or an integrating software. While being synced, management leaders need to secure data integrity. Moreover, a lumpsum amount of funds and resources are spent while maintaining 2 systems.
Such kind of tool which effortlessly integrates with other CRM solutions is QuickBooks. QuickBooks is an accounting software providing methods to manage customers, vendors, clients, inventory as well as finances. It is available on-premise and on the cloud. While this is cost-effective for small and medium scale business, it has some limitations.

Customized Dashboards:

It creates reports, but it does not provide interactive, analytic, and customized dashboards or reports for detailed inspection. It produces only financial and general management reporting.

Slack Security:

As said earlier, data integrity and security are essential for any organization. With QuickBooks, there are no terms to grant different benefits to different users. That intends all can view everything without any constraints. The aforementioned can create an issue in large organizations.

Foreign Currencies:

The solution offers functionality only for certain currencies. When a multinational company transacts in various countries, QuickBooks faces difficulty in maintaining the ledger in multiple currencies.

Data Scalability:

As the size of files increases, it slowdowns the QuickBooks speed for functioning accurately. Therefore, it raises the risk of data loss which is irretrievable.
These limitations can strike business operations in multiple ways. Therefore, it is necessary and a must for switching to the scalable solution. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers all the functionalities of an ERP furthermore seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks.

Why integration with Dynamics 365 is essential?

Integrating with QuickBooks with Microsoft Dynamics 365 keeps business run smoothly while the sales and customer service teams have a 360-degree view of everything happening behind the scenes.
While QuickBooks help to streamline the operations, inventory control, resource management, invoicing customers and monitoring overall performance. On the other hand, Dynamics 365 provides real-time intelligence, therefore, be a boon for the Sales, and Accounting team who can interact smoothly.
Let’s see how Dynamics 365 can leverage the capabilities of QuickBooks:

360-degree customer view:

Integrating with Dynamics 365, all the accounting information of the customers is directly visible from CRM. This boosts the sales team to have an enhanced view of customers. The information is updated on a real-time basis therefore, the sales team can make informed decisions and implement high customer service.

Data Integrity:

Synchronization among the solutions makes the data available at the same place. When both the solutions are working separately, it becomes the daunting task to eliminate the duplicate data.

Data Security:

Integrating QuickBooks with Dynamics 365, one can control access to information. It helps to prevent unauthorized access to information thereby advancing data security.

Business Process:

The integration between QuickBooks and Dynamics 365 makes the business process smooth and running without any roadblocks. It eliminates duplicate data and ensures data uniformity across all functions of a business. It also extricates maximum business interests and returns to customers with the result. With the help of Power BI, users can create more interactive dashboards and have a complete view of the current transactions. Thus, the integration of a QuickBooks with Dynamics 365 CRM can bring a steady growth to your business and helps you manage your Sales and Accounts better.

Final Words

The combination of QuickBooks and Dynamics 365 makes a complete robust solution. This is employed by many organizations globally.  This proves to be a very cost-effective solution having capabilities of full-fledged ERP.  Intech Systems has helped many organizations integrate QuickBooks with Dynamics 365. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today!

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