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Intech Wins Diversity and Inclusion Partner of the Year Award

March 23rd, 2022 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics 365

Intech recently won the Gavriella Schuster IAMCP D&I Partner of the Year Award.

The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) organizes this award ceremony every year to recognize how organizations within the Microsoft ecosystem are implementing diversity and inclusion practices in their workplace.

We were selected for the “Enterprise Award” from across the APAC region, and we are proud to announce that this is the third consecutive year that we have won this award.

We at Intech believe that promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment enhances creativity and encourages different perspectives, leading to better decision-making and driving breakthrough innovations.

From recognizing and encouraging contributions from everyone regardless of their gender to implementing the necessary practices to facilitate the same, we are taking solid steps to work on the gender divide. As a result of the same, the percentage of women leaders at Intech has been consistently increasing over the last two years. We have witnessed substantial year-on-year growth, with a more than 100 percent increase in the number of women and an 85 percent organizational growth in the FY 2021-22.

We understand what it takes to make a happy team – unlimited learning opportunities to grow, a dynamic and inclusive work environment, curious minds ready to help each other, and most importantly, respect, appreciation, and recognition for all regardless of their gender, caste, ethnicity, or religion.

Let’s look at some examples that illustrate what we are doing to promote diversity and inclusion in our workplace:

  1. Saheli: We understand that starting a new job is never easy, and for women in tech, it comes with its own set of unique challenges. To tackle this issue, we announced our buddy program, “Saheli,” specially launched to help new female joiners feel more comfortable as they transition into their new role. With this program, women always have a saheli in their corner.
  2. Supporting Returning Mothers: Several women find it difficult to land a good job after a prolonged gap in their professional careers post-childbirth. We want to empower returning mothers by offering them a fair opportunity to exhibit their capabilities and resume their careers with Intech. By introducing this policy, we want more mothers to confidently return to work without having to deal with the anxiety of going through never-ending job searches and interview cycles.
  3. An Inclusive Work Environment: A good work ethic and a purpose-driven attitude are more important than the number of years on the resume, and we at Intech believe in providing fair opportunities to all, no matter their gender, age, or experience. We are excited to share that because of this practice, more than 70% of our award winners in the R&R ceremony for the current FY were women and freshers.
  4. Diverse Knowledge Clubs: We have cross-functional knowledge clubs that encourage different teams with varied skillsets to synergize and bring in fresh perspectives. We believe that a well-balanced and diverse team is more productive, performs better, inspires creativity, and drives innovation.
  5. Mentoring to Create Next-Gen Leaders: We offer leadership workshops and intensive training to all entry and associate-level employees to help them nurture their existing skills and learn new skill sets to boost their performance. We also have training sessions for mid to senior-level employees to guide them to be better mentors and work more efficiently with their teams.
  6. Floating Holidays: As Intech continues to expand globally, more and more people from different religions, ethnicities, and cultures join us. To show our appreciation and respect for our diverse team here at Intech, we have introduced floating holidays to accommodate various regional and cultural holidays.
  7. Flexible Work Model: We have introduced a flexible work model to attract and retain employees of all ages. Many mature workers want to continue working in some capacity but are unable to do so because of rigid work hours and other commitments. We adopt a flexible approach so our employees can choose to stay connected with us well past their retirement age and become lifelong contributors. We have employees with a tenure of 35+ years who continue to be associated with the organization. We believe in providing equitable opportunities to all freshers and tenured employees.

We are fostering a culture that embraces diversity instead of rejecting it. We encourage respectful communication and cooperation between all employees. Any employee found to have exhibited any inappropriate conduct or behavior against others may be subject to disciplinary action.

The first step towards building an inclusive environment is providing a conducive environment where everybody has a fair chance to weigh in and stand for what they believe. These opinions and contributions are not only heard but also valued and integrated into our practices here at Intech.

From maternity and paternity leave to hybrid work models, an open work environment, and work-life balance, we are implementing these policies and practices in our workplace to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience working at Intech.

Whether you are looking to transform businesses with top-notch technology solutions, be a part of companies’ digital transformation journeys, or work with the best minds to do incredible new things every day, Intech is the place to be.

Interested to know more about the company and what we do? Click here to learn more about Intech.

We are hiring for various roles across multiple departments, and we are looking for talented individuals like you, keen to learn and grow within the organization.

With access to a diverse set of global clients, a team of smart professionals, and a plethora of training materials, you will be up for a new challenge every day.

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