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June 2nd, 2022 Intech SystemIntech Systems Power Platform

The past decade has been a changemaker for the pharmaceutical industry. Most of the technological changes that we are witnessing today have been in the works long before the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the last two years have accelerated the adoption of these existing trends, reshaping the future of the pharma industry for good.

Digital technologies are rapidly transforming how patients engage with the pharma and healthcare sector in the post-pandemic era. These digital transformation trends are helping the pharma industry to speed up business operations, future-proof their products from disruptions, and make data-driven decisions.

In the face of changing business dynamics, businesses need the right solution to help them reposition themselves to flourish in the post-pandemic reality.

With the aim of providing a modernization blueprint, the resources, and agility needed to propel businesses forward, Intech’s two-decade-long partnership with Microsoft has constantly focused on innovation and business values. We are expanding on the suite of Microsoft business applications and helping pharma companies globally to transform by accelerating innovation, digitally empowering their workforce, driving manufacturing efficiency, and building a more sustainable future.

Let’s look at some of these solutions in detail:

1. Sales Force Management with Intech’s Automation Tool:

Research shows that medical representatives (MRs) spend most of their time aligning resources to make the right presentation before pitching their products to prospects. Most of their visits with the doctors are unplanned and they may not always get the time to prepare on the go. It is also a challenge for their managers to track their activities and manage their operations efficiently.

There is a lack of 100% visibility between the field force and the backend team. There is a need for a smart, data-driven, and multi-dimensional cloud-based application that can connect marketing and sales activities.

However, with intricate business models, incorporating digital solutions in this space is toilsome. With an increasingly remote workforce, and a limited pool of professional developers, the demand for low-code apps has grown in recent years.

To address the pressing needs of the pharma industry, Intech has developed an easy-to-use solution, using Microsoft’s no-code-low-code Power Platform and Dataverse, that enables seamless creation and delivery of multichannel content with analytics at every step of the content presentation, with offline capabilities. The solution also addresses operational challenges faced by the MRs, such as:

  1. Tour planning and visit.
  2. E-detailing, e-contracting, and e-sampling.
  3. Leave and expense management.
  4. Distributor management system.
  5. Institutional sales and tender management.
  6. Event management.
  7. Marketing and campaigns.

Our solution improves visibility across the marketing and sales cycle with a personalized approach to customer engagement and drives decision-making by unlocking actionable insights leveraging Power BI.

2. Personalized customer journeys across all touchpoints with D365 Marketing:

We have built on the existing capabilities of the D365 Marketing module to empower our customers to streamline their marketing activities, conduct targeted email marketing campaigns, and have a systematic approach to their brand marketing.

With this solution, users can unlock several benefits, including:

  1. AI-powered images & engaging content.
  2. Event management.
  3. 360-degree visibility & marketing insights.
  4. GDPR compliance.
  5. MLR (Medical, Legal, Regulatory Review) approval process.
  6. Integration with mobile apps and IMS.
  7. Integration with corporate and brand websites.

Our solution can help integrate customer information, automate marketing activities from a unified platform, and craft personalized journeys across all touchpoints to strengthen their relationships with their customers and earn their loyalty.

3. Boost sales performance with D365 Sales:

Dynamics 365 Sales enables your sales team to build strong relationships with their clients, take actions based on insights, and close deals faster. With this module, you can easily keep a track of your accounts, create sales collaterals, and nurture your customers across all touchpoints from leads through orders.

Using this module, we have created a solution that can help pharma companies streamline their tender management activities and standardize business processes through a common platform.

This solution serves as a single source for accessing technology expertise throughout sales channels across multiple regions. It also facilitates internal collaboration through multiple channels (CRM, O365, portal, document management & more). Some of the key benefits include:

    1. Alignment of complex tender processes with the involvement of multiple departments and costing parameters from finance.
    2. 360-degree visibility into product information, including customer and drug-wise contracts, and more.
    3. Better visibility & tracking across the sales cycle.
    4. Tracking of individual sales performance.
    5. Forecasting sales.
    6. Personalized customer engagement.
    7. Enhanced productivity.

Intech is changing the prospects of the pharmaceutical industry by delivering integrated digital solutions within the Microsoft ecosystem. By facilitating the successful creation of tailor-made cloud infrastructure and allied digital solutions, Intech is emerging as an internationally renowned digital solutions provider in this industry.


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