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How Field Service can boost your business revenue?

August 8th, 2017 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics

Most organizations consider field service as a cost centre. They cost money to the company instead of making money. However, there are ways to evolve them to profit centres from cost centres. Here are some steps on how field service can boost your business revenue.

1. Outstanding service is the key

Know what your customers want. Faster response times, proactive service, real-time visibility, tailored solutions, less paperwork, and user-friendly interface are few of the things which customers expect. Keep your customers engaged with you to remind them why they chose you and communicate to prospects to inform them of how you surpass other competitors and how you are unique.

2. Know what makes customers tick

If your customers have had difficult time with your organization, they would think twice before having to do it again. Identify the loopholes and eliminate them from your customer’s journey. This will make their journey, from initial contract to service appointments, smooth. Also, even after the project is over, look for ways to delight them with value-add services and helpful interactions. It will bring you repeat business and referral business.

3. Understand that field techs are critical to success

Remember that your field techs can be your most effective sales and marketing channel. They are in direct contact with your customers and so they have a tremendous impact on the customer’s perception of your FSO. Train your field techs to be consultative, value-add partners and proactively helpful.


4. Internal systems and processes matter

If the processes are carried out manually, they are very much prone to errors. When they are replaced with a robust technology foundation, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, you don’t have to rely on slow or erroneous steps to convey information, share data, and collaborate with team members. Implementing the right technology stack will increase internal alignment, productivity, and profits too.

5. Leverage technology for on-the-go service

The use of mobile devices has become widespread not only in our personal lives but also in businesses. Mobile technology when used in businesses, can bridge the gap between the home office and field techs and between field techs and your customer. This, therefore, keeps you ever ready and connected, with increased efficiency and a better customer experience.

6. Leverage the power of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Rather than reacting to customer requests, proactively offer your services before a customer calls to report an issue. IoT means devices are connected and can communicate without human intervention. So, the device can automatically inform FSOs of poor performance, which reduces downtime for your customer’s organization. This will improve your reputation in your customer’s eyes as an FSO with hands-on service.

7. Monitor data and uncover insights

Customers are increasingly expecting personalization. Adopting technology for your FSO’s activities, will help you to identify trends, customer likes and dislikes and cross-sell or upsell opportunities. Establish relation of this customer data with sales and profit margins to classify which customer groups and service offerings are most profitable and have greatest growth potential. Converting data into actionable insights leads to customer centric experiences and revenue growth.
It is thus possible to make your field service organization profitable. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind so you can get better ROI from your FSO too.
This post was originally published by Microsoft in Microsoft Dynamics Blogs and has been updated with minor edits for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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