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Choose best ERP solution for Packaging

April 24th, 2019 Intech SystemIntech Systems ERP, Packaging Industry

Packaging Industry is always on its toes to handle from product management to the expense. And, with the revolution in technology and the age of digital transformation, these industries must choose the fittest ERP solutions to defeat the challenges and stay ahead of the competition.

What is the requirement of the industry? There is a lot of stipulation that the packaging industry must understand before choosing an ERP solution. Adopting an ERP solution for industry is not simple as it needs to fulfill long-term goals, security, and fill the gaps with the business. Considering, it demands capital investment, implementation failures, and high costs having a significant impact.

So, for choosing a fruitful and yet result-oriented solution, the packaging industry always weighs on these below points:


Foremost, the quality industry should consider while selecting an ERP solution is Speed.  Operating bottlenecks with advanced capacity planning, scheduling tools, gaining control over the scrap, reducing the warehouse cost and, customer satisfaction. All these features should be considered to ensure speedy production and delivery.

Easy Interface:

For any industry, its men are necessary and how strong they are enough to work with the solution. Complex systems may create more barriers for the industry by decreasing production, and it can slow the whole process. Hence, the industry should consider a system which is comfortable to use and operate.


It is always quality over quantity! Pick an ERP which reduces the uncertainty of quality and issue with measuring parameters needed to pass the quality compliance. Here includes the sampling process, incoming QC, outgoing QC, in-process QC and, QC derivation, based on approval.


Cloud computing is the talk of the town, with the revolution in technology many organizations are migrating to the cloud-based solution from their traditional on-premise one. To maintain the database, managing any disaster and backup — ‘Cloud’ is the latest solution. ERP such as Dynamics 365 grants you benefit of the Cloud


Cost! Everything is related to the price of the solution. Industries such as packaging should always adapt for the solution resulting in the best ROI and matches the requirement of their process.


Packing materials are always changing, so, you need flexible management tools that can adapt to your growing business. Unlike any entry-level ERP software, choose an ERP which is built to solve all your manufacturing related challenges with less time.
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