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Dynamics NAV 2017: View Standard and Extension Objects Code in RTC

March 10th, 2018 Intech SystemSuraj Patel Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics

You can view Dynamics NAV Standard Objects Code and Extension code in RTC by following the below steps.


Code Viewer Control AddIn

 Dynamics NAV-Code Viewer Control AddIn

View Standard Objects Code in RTC

CAL Language is used in Dynamics NAV Objects. CAL is converted into C# at Compile Time. DotNet Framework then handles the converted C# code when object is ran and the appropriate result is displayed.
NAV saves this code in table 2000000071 Object Metadata.

Blob Fields:

  • User AL Code contains the C/Al code of the object.
  • User Code contains the C# code of the same object which is generated when the object is compiled.

This would also allow you to see code of objects which are not in your License range.
Create a simple Page “RTC Standard Objects Code” in NAV 2017 to see this code in RTC. Please see below snapshots for details.

1. View Standard Code Objects – C/AL

  • Select Object Type (Example – Table, Report, Codeunit, Page, Etc.)
  • Select Code Type (CAL, DotNet)
  • Enter Object Id
  • Click on Action – “View Standard Objects Code” You will see the Code in Code Tab.


2. View Standard Code Objects – DotNet

View Extension Code in RTC

Once the extension is installed for a tenant, you cannot see the objects in Developer environment. NAV stores these objects in table 2000000150 (Nav App Object Metadata).
Create a simple Page “RTC Extension Code” and “Nav App Object List” in NAV 2017 to see this code in RTC. Please see below snapshots for details.

3. NAV Installed Extensions

4. View Extension Code – C/AL

  • Select Code Type (CAL, DotNet)
  • Select Object Name from Nav APP Object List
  • Click on Action – “View Extension Code” You will see the Code in Code Tab.



5. View Extension Code – DotNet


You can download the Objects from here.
For more such tips and tricks about Dynamics NAV, check out my blog.

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