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Digital-First SMBs Navigating Manufacturing Excellence with Business Central Implementation.

February 22nd, 2024 Intech SystemIntech Systems Business Central

Digitalization’s dramatic impact has revolutionized industries, ushering in cost reductions and elevating customer service standards. Digitalization leads to improved productivity, automation, and optimization of business processes, resulting in lower operational costs.  Today, we are seeing more and more manufacturers adopt a simpler approach to leveraging digital technologies like customer relationship management software, accounting software, collaboration tools, and artificial intelligence to transform how they operate. This adoption has intensified competition, spawned new markets, and reshaped established industries. While it is true that several small and medium-sized businesses often face difficulties leveraging digital technologies due to cost constraints, lack of IT expertise, and scalability challenges, in light of shifting market trends, we are observing a growing trend among SMBs towards a digital-first approach. In this blog, we will explore the reasons behind this shift, discuss strategies for SMBs to stay digital-first, and we will also discuss some simpler, faster, and more affordable manufacturing solutions, including business central implementation strategies that SMBs can employ to stand

Why Do Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturers Feel the Need for a Digital-First Strategy?

Digitalization has become more crucial in the manufacturing business, not just to increase operational efficiency but also to create revolutionary production processes. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), this technological shift underscores the demand for a simplified, digital-first approach. Embracing straightforward digital strategies becomes crucial for SMBs seeking to capitalize on the benefits of automation, maintain agility, and navigate today’s transformative landscape.

Small and medium-sized businesses need to use the latest tools and technologies and implement digital strategies that will stand the test of time to differentiate themselves from the competition and adapt to the ever-changing market conditions. Manufacturers can accomplish this in the following ways:

Unlocking the Ultimate Growth Potential Through Digital Transformation

1. Employing Cost-Effective Solution Tailored for SMBs

SMBs frequently deal with resource constraints and let’s face it, migrating from your legacy systems can be a costly affair. However, by facilitating remote collaboration, streamlining procedures, and improving operations through digital transformation, SMBs can reduce operational and set-up costs. Integrating data analytics can improve decision-making while cloud-based solutions cut down on initial infrastructure costs. That’s why SMBs need a cost-effective solution that makes them better positioned for long-term growth within a scalable and effective digital framework. And what’s the secret to unleashing this potential? Most manufacturers invest in an ERP like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. When functionality and affordability come together, Business Central emerges as an SMB’s saviour. It stands out as one of the most cost-effective ERP solutions for SMBs in the market today. It’s more than simply an ERP system; it’s a strategic partner, expertly designed to meet the difficulties faced by manufacturers.

2. Optimizing Warehouse Operations and Streamlining Supply Chain Management

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) also commonly encounter problems while managing warehouse operations. Inadequate resources and obsolete systems limit their efficiency, so SMBs seek out ways to streamline their supply chain operations. Business Central offers capabilities like real-time tracking, inventory control, automation, and analytics that improve visibility, reduce costs, and position SMBs for flexible and competitive supply chain management in a dynamic business ecosystem.

3. Leveraging Unparalleled Data Analytics Capabilities

82% of businesses worldwide reportedly make decisions based on outdated data, according to a Business Wire survey. Within the ever-changing field of data analytics, small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMBs) face difficulties owing to a lack of resources and experience that typically hinders unmatched data analytics capabilities. It becomes quite difficult to deploy advanced analytics and navigate through large databases. The challenge is to find and analyze relevant insights to support well-informed decision-making. SMBs stretch themselves thin trying to close this gap while juggling the challenges of utilizing such skills within the confines of their operations. Business Central once again comes to the rescue by offering comprehensive insights, trend analysis, and performance tracking, fostering a data-driven approach for strategic business growth.

4. Embracing Automation at an Incredible Velocity

Embracing automation comes with its own set of challenges for small to mid-sized manufacturers. Lower financial backing, a difficult learning curve, employee training, change management, and the integration of automation into existing procedures are some factors that may impede the adoption of automated technologies at an accelerated rate. By implementing Business Central, manufacturers can optimize productivity, reduce manual errors, and streamline operations, all of which help growth and resilience during challenging times.

5. Unleashing Next-Gen High-Speed Scalability

Exploring next-generation high-speed scalability brings forth unique challenges for small and medium-sized businesses. Technological complexity, integration issues, data security concerns, and resistance to change pose recurring obstacles to the seamless integration of scalable technologies. The hunt for cost-effective and user-friendly solutions is critical as SMBs strive to remain competitive, adopting high-speed scalability for changing company requirements. Business Central’s unique blend of cloud solutions, AI-driven automation, and agile technology offers next-generation high-speed scaling. Because these solutions are instantaneously scalable with pay-as-you-go options, businesses can respond rapidly to changing demands.

Digitalization: The Best Course of Action for Small to Mid-Sized Manufacturers

A recent Deloitte study suggests that over 40% of SMBs report client growth and attribute it to digital technologies. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that use digital tools effectively are more likely to develop their customer base compared to those that do not.

As the study indicates, the imperative for SMBs lies in embracing digital transformation, but where can businesses streamline their fundamental financials, sales, etc., and how can they ensure a swift and efficient process?

This is where our Business Central implementation packages come in. Our packages are crafted to simplify ERP deployments for small to mid-sized manufacturing companies, offering core modules and essential features to get the companies up and running in just a few weeks. This strategic simplicity ensures that SMBs can effortlessly embrace a digital-first approach, leveraging the advantages of automation in a user-friendly manner.

Every organization marches to its own beat. It is true—different needs, different tunes. Imagine for a moment that you are a wise SMB prepared to implement solutions that are not only faster and smarter but also less expensive. Does this sound like a dream? We have just the thing for you!

In a world where staying forward is the goal, Intech recognizes the need for a revolutionary cloud-based ERP solution tailored for start-ups and enterprises gearing up for the next stage of expansion. So, when you’re ready to make a speedier, smarter, and more cost-effective shift, Intech is the name you’ll want by your side.

Intech’s exclusive Business Central implementation packages stand out as an excellent choice for manufacturers. These SMB solutions are the most competent, scalable, and affordably priced options available in the market. Manufacturers can truly experience sustainable growth because they can start with as many (or a few) modules as they choose and grow as their needs evolve.

You can select one of these three simple alternatives based on your organization’s specific requirements and go live with Business Central in just 4–10 weeks. Sounds insane, right? While typical implementation times span months, we do the task for you in a jiffy, and let’s not forget, without breaking the bank, too.

We’ll now examine the genesis process and how Intech enables you to grow and evolve. Let’s dive into the three packages:

  1. Business Central Lite
    The Business Central lite package, which includes three essential modules—financial management, purchase, and sales—costs approximately 19,900 USD and requires 4 weeks for deployment plus one week of support.
  2. Business Central Delight
    The Business Central Delight setup takes 6 weeks and costs around $29,900 USD, which includes one week of support. The package comprises four major components: sales, purchasing, financial management, and assembly.
  3. Business Central Elite
    The Business Central Elite is a 10-week implementation period that includes two weeks of assistance. The package costs approximately 49,900 USD and includes six main modules: sales, purchase, financial management, assembly, manufacturing, and warehouse.

These quick deployment packages aim to streamline, minimize costs, and give manufacturers a hassle-free means of staying ahead of the digital curve. Being at the forefront is now a simple decision rather than a struggle.

What is The Way Forward For SMBs

Businesses continue to face pressure to quickly incorporate these advancements to stay ahead of the curve. Digital is no longer only a helpful side project or a good addition to the core business. The only way to ensure a healthy financial future and continue to be relevant is to create a fully functional, highly intelligent, hyper-scale digital platform.

SMBs play a vital role in global economies and the adoption of the digital-first trend across the globe can be attributed to these very SMBs. Addressing internal and external hurdles can help SMBs embrace digital tools and expand their size, productivity, and profitability, ultimately contributing to the global economy.

And with the help of Intech Systems, manufacturers can gain all the benefits that a manufacturing unit needs to raise itself to greater heights where the processes are better, the efficiency smoother, and the profits sweeter.

So, if you are tired of disintegrated systems, high IT infrastructure costs, and inefficient workflows, Microsoft’s D365 Business Central is your all-in-one solution! Explore Rapid Implementation solutions for Business Central by Intech. Get started here:

Do you want to learn more about the three rapid implementation packages? Check them out here:

1. Business Central Lite: 4-Week Implementation Package

2. Business Central Delight: 6-Wk Implementation Package

3. Business Central Elite: 10-Wk Implementation Package

Ready to be the face of the changing industry dynamics in the manufacturing sector? Book a free Business Central demo with us and get started!

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About Intech:

Intech Systems is a leading IT services company focused on providing world-class implementation and support services for Microsoft Technologies. Intech’s wide range of services helps companies in their digital transformation journeys by providing technology solutions, across all three Microsoft clouds– Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365. With offices in India and the US, Intech has a rich experience of over 40 years, with more than 250 certified consultants, having implemented projects in 10+ countries. Today, Intech is amongst the top managed partners in India and a Microsoft-certified Solutions Partner for Data and AI (Azure), Business Applications, and Digital App and Innovation.

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