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Customer-Vendor portal: How it widens your ERP software’s reach?

April 16th, 2018 Intech SystemIntech Systems ERP, Microsoft Dynamics

An ERP system is typically used to streamline your business processes. This mandates you to integrate your other external systems with your ERP to maintain the efficiency of the system. If not, this will lead to communication gaps and other problems. One of these external systems is a customer-vendor portal, that provides multiple benefits in a safe, secure online environment.
Intech has developed a customer-vendor portal that is integrated tightly with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. The benefits of this integration are many and it expands your ERP software’s reach. How?

1. Self-service

The documents such as PO, invoices, credit/debit notes, etc. can be made available to download and print from the portal. Thus, do away with the hassle of sending the documents every now and then. The past data of payments, PO, invoices, etc. are available on the dashboard so that you and your customer or vendor are on the same page.

2. Easy Onboarding

Customer Vendor portal makes it easy for your customers and vendors to onboard and navigate. You just have to provide them with the credentials for login purpose. Even the dashboard and navigation is user friendly so they don’t need training for using the portal.

3. Collaborative Processes

This portal provides both supplier and buyer a single, shared view of data.  This helps them in remaining on the same page. With this portal, both the parties can collaborate and resolve dispute, if any, without much ado. Time saving is the biggest benefit this portal provides.

4. Place or take orders

Empower your customers and vendors to place or take orders directly from the portal, get quotes quickly and easily without ever having to pick up the phone or send an email. As mentioned earlier, the documents remain saved in the portal. Not only this, you can even keep the record of date and quantity of order placement.

5. Account Management

Customer-Vendor portal provides you a hassle-free communication with your customers and vendors from anywhere. They can just log in and access all the information related to their account. Enable them download and print invoices, complete transactions, submit payment details and do much more easily.

6. Real-time access to information

This portal provides a self-serve business environment with real-time access to information about their pending orders, invoices, payment history, credit/debit notes, etc. They can also get notifications when they receive any new documents or information.

Customer-Vendor portal for your business

This portal is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Thus, you have all the business processes connected – right from purchasing to manufacturing to customer service. Every business – large or small has customers and vendors. Customer-Vendor portal makes dealing with them easier and more efficient.
Streamline your internal and external processes with our Customer-Vendor portal on Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact an expert at Intech today.

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