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Generate custom reports using SSRS in Dynamics CRM

March 25th, 2019 Intech SystemMikita Shah Dynamics CRM, ERP, Microsoft Dynamics

Organizations, whose business depends on various custom reports which are interactive and printable, Microsoft has provided them with the solution known as SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS in short) in Dynamics CRM.
SSRS provides tabular, graphical and free-form reports from relational, multidimensional and XML based data sources, with the SQL reporting services and SQL server, organizations can get a unified solution for report design and data warehousing. Reports can be published and accessed on demand.
Based on the organization’s needs and demand Intech has developed some custom SSRS reports. These reports can be downloaded in a PDF format just from a button click.

1. Quotation Report

A table-based report of a business document which contains details about the order/offer.
Custom SSRS report - quotation report

Custom SSRS Report - quotation report


2. Proforma Invoice Report

A table-based invoice which is calculated as an estimate of an actual invoice amount.
Custom SSRS Report - proforma report Custom SSRS Report - proforma report

3. Annexure Report

Annexure report displays the characteristics of the order placed by the user.
Custom SSRS Report - annexure report

4. Revised Quotation Report

Up to 5 revisions of a Pricing Structure organization can view the quotation in the table-based form.
Custom SSRS Report - revised quotation

5. Expense Voucher Report

Matrix-based reports dynamically generate all expense of any type done by the Users day and date wise.
Custom SSRS Report - expense voucher

6. Expense Voucher List

The matrix-based report, which displays a list of all the expense day and date wise of a User.
Custom SSRS Report - expense voucher

7. Group Tour Wise Report

Tour wise user’s expense report, in day wise and expense type wise total.
Custom SSRS Report - group tour

8. Envelope Print and Big Envelope Print

The report will display details of courier and print on an envelope.

9. Order Report

A table-based Order Report with multiple entities and data set are used for fetching data.
Custom SSRS Report - order report

10. Hit Rate Report

A table-based report, which displays quote and order count of a salesperson in the current and previous year with a percentage. Filter with start and end date can also be applied.
Custom SSRS Report - hit rate

11. Customer Order Summary

A table-based report, which can be used to check the details of the customer order. One can check the details based on salesperson and the account type (new or existing).
Use the Toggle button to expand the report.
 custom order summary

12. Troubleshoot Time Analysis Report

Displays, service call count with a troubleshoot time greater than 0 with the calculated percentage and start and end date. This report is for a particular financial year.
trouble shoot

13. Response Time Analysis Report

This report displays, service call count with a response time greater than 0 with the calculated percentage and start-end date for a particular financial year.
response time

14. Availability Chart Report

This report is specially designed for the Real-Estate Industry, who needs to have a report of the available, Booked and Hold rooms block and floor wise. It is a matrix-based report.
 availability chart

15. Time Stamp Report

If anyone wants to know the difference between the two columns based on days, this table can be used. This table shows Maximum, Minimum and Average days for that selected date range.
time stamp

16.  Timesheet Report

Displays Project wise customer’s time sheet in a table format.
time sheet
These are some of the reports customized by our team, based on the requirement of our clients. If you wish to know more about these reports or want to have a customized SSRS report, contact us!

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