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CRM: Why is it the most valuable asset for your business?

July 14th, 2017 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics

What is the most important asset of your company? The answer differs according to the business, industry and your business state. But the one thing that is common for every type of business is they yearn to gain more customers, thus more business. Customers are important for every business. They are the reason businesses succeed or fail. But still, once businesses acquire customers and get their payment, they neglect their customers. You will lose most of your customers if they are not taken care of after their purchase. This is the point where CRM comes to your rescue.

A complete overview of your customers

Do you still use Excel to maintain customer data? Do you spend most of your time in updating the customer data? If you say yes to these questions, you need a CRM software for your company at the earliest. Excel files may get lost and outdated. Business cards are of no use if there are piles of them on your desk. A customer database increases in value when everyone works together on filling it with data and when it is updated without much ado.
Here are 4 reasons why CRM can be the most valuable asset for your business:

1. Leads, opportunities, customers – everything in one place

CRM lets you add contact or leads in the system and helps you nurture them. Right from prospect to after sales service, CRM helps you stay updated about the status of every contact in the system. It lets you organize your customers and contacts so that you can take any action, whenever needed. CRM helps you bifurcate the data into suspects, leads, prospects, opportunities, lost cases, and custom fields too to give you accurate insights.

2. Know what to do next

You get an idea of how many leads you are working on and how many of them got converted. This ratio can be less but you can always keep your leads warm by keeping them in touch with your company. It is important to keep them engaged so that instead of losing them, you can convert them in future too. And if you have an effective email marketing strategy or a great seminar plan, their business might be yours for the next quarter.

3. Stay updated about interactions

It doesn’t matter who is handling which case from your organization, you know the status of every case. You know what should be the next step and which stage your lead is in. Keeping records of every interaction helps you know your prospect/customer better. Building relationships through various channels, campaigns and ads then become easy.

4. It retains all the customer data

You don’t need to rely on outdated spreadsheets and keep them updating. Even when your employees leave the company, stay assured that the data is safe and secured in the CRM system. Don’t let the external changes affect your customer data.


Without a CRM system, it’s difficult to handle your customers. Companies using CRM are already realizing its value. They have learned how to satisfy their customers, how to build long-term relationships and how to get the most out of their customer data. Companies have started using modern CRM system which helps them enhance their employees’ performance too.
Still managing customer data manually? Try Dynamics CRM free for 30 days and decide by yourself.

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