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Create low-code websites for external users using PowerApps Portals

September 24th, 2020 Intech SystemMikita Shah Microsoft Power, Microsoft PowerApps

Delivering the low-code apps to the employees across the organizations using PowerApps, therefore, has shown incredible growth in the last few years.
Being, Dynamics Service Provider, our customers have continuously asked us: what about the people outside our organization? Sharing the app with the outside world has been the #1 priority for them.
Microsoft introduced the PowerApps Portals, which promotes the ability to build low-code responsive websites that allow external users to interact with the data stored in the Common Data Service, or even browse content anonymously.

Below are the capabilities of PowerApps Portals:

  • Minimal code solution for creating multi-language, responsive websites for users external, as well as internal employees
  • Allow external service providers like Microsoft Account, Linkedin, Facebook, Azure AD B2C, etc. or even allow anonymous access
  • Use WYSIWYG designer to create website content and enrich with CDS/Dynamics data using familiar constructs like forms, views, charts, dashboards
  • Pro dev extensibility and templating capabilities to design complex business processes
  • Use pre-built templates like Customer Self Service, Partner Management, Event Management, Community Self Service, or Create your portal

Quick and easy setup experience

  • Configure a new App type called “Portal” from PowerApps home
  • Create a portal CDS or Dynamics database
  • Use a prebuilt Dynamics application template like customer self-service, partner management, event management, etc. or create your portal


PowerApps Portals screen
PowerApps customer

Easy to use portal Designer experience

  • Simplified Portal Designer to customize the content of your website


Portal Designer


  • Create and manage pages in few clicks that increases your productivity multifold


productivity multifold


  • Select predefined layouts or create your templates (web templates)


web templates

Expose your CDS/Dynamics data in few clicks!

  • Create/Update new form/view in just one click




  • Advanced form/view capabilities like geolocation, custom actions, workflow, etc.

Extend to multiple audiences using PowerApps Portals

  • Create Portals for users outside of your organization as well as internal employees
  • Allow a variety of login providers like Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Azure AD B2C, etc
  • Let Self Service Registration for end-users or extend it to select users
  • Support Anonymous access for select content


sign in powerapps
manage authentication

Create a user-friendly, responsive, and multi-language website

  • Design Pixel-perfect websites using your CSS
  • Use bootstrap themes to build a responsive site
  • Supports language variations like English, French, etc.


PowerApps english
In English


PowerApps French
In French


mobile view
The mobile view

Profile Management and Security Model

  • All Portal users are modeled as contacts in the CDS database
  • Self Service Profile Management right within the portal
  • Allow users to link identities from multiple identity providers


Profile Management PowerApps Portals

Integrate with other Microsoft Services

  • Unite PowerBI embed Components like reports, dashboards, and titles


Power BI


  • Integrate SharePoint, Azure Blob Storage as document storage


document storage


  • CRM Charts embed in the portal
  • Ability to access CDS data and enable personalization using a liquid templating language
  • Use CDS server-side constructs like code plugins, workflows in addition to Microsoft flow to extend business logic
  • Display Bing map on the portal


bing maps


  • Ability to display Image Gallery of event celebration in your organization


event celebration


  • Display the working hours of your organization


business profile

PowerApps Portals += Dynamics 365 portals

Previously, Dynamics 365 Portals were offered as an add-on to customer engagement apps. However, now available as a standalone in PowerApps.
Moreover, PowerApps Portals is the platform on which Dynamics 365 portals works.




  • Extends Portals beyond Dynamics 365 Applications and allows you to create a portal on CDS
  • Provide a simplified low code/ no-code designer experience to create portals
  • All the capabilities of Dynamics 365 portals will be available and will work as it is

In conclusion, portals  are more attractive for small and medium-sized companies. The creation of a portal has become simpler and more intuitive, and at the same time, the pricing model has become more cost-effective with less usage. If you wish to learn more about creating low-code apps you can contact us at

Learn building apps, reports, and dashboards out of your own data with the help of our experts by joining in our on-day hands-on workshop. Register Here.

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