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Interesting Insights and Analysis of Microsoft Dynamics 365

June 6th, 2019 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM

CRM is considered as a heart of every business which has the urge to grow and hence there has been a steep increase in demand of CRM today. There have been significant changes today in CRM software and way the organizations are using it. It’s crucial and advantageous to have a futuristic view and anticipate the new changes that are happening so that one stays ahead in the curve.
No Doubt! CRM has completely changed the way the sales are being managed today. Having a satisfied customer is the end goal for every department in an organization. Having a proper integration CRM Solution and boost innovation, give robust sales and increase ROI.
Currently, cloud-based CRM solutions are known for its scalability and flexibility and with “Microsoft Dynamics 365” Intech systems has offered the organization a powerful solution and enhanced tool to transform their marketing, sales, and customer service process.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a specialized solution in sales and service management for the manufacturing industry.

General issues faced in the manufacturing industry with CRM products:

  • Don’t have a 360-degree view of the customers
  • Fewer acquaintances with CRM solution
  • Planning and forecast issues
  • Slow quoting process
  • Limited visibility to sales pipeline
  • Equipment issues in depth tracking
  • Payment tracking
  • Shipment tracking
  • Ineffective communication
  • Automation required in post-sales service
How Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is helpful in resolving their issues:

360-degree view of the customers

Having a 360-degree view of the customer includes  the pipeline, meeting details, fault ticket history, payment details, Tax details, shipment tracking, asset management and more

Fewer acquaintances with CRM solution

With the availability of the solution on mobile and other devices, it is very easy to use and as the entire data is being stored on the cloud it can be accessed from anywhere. This makes it more attractive for the ned users

Planning and forecast issues

Planning and forecasting require proper mapping of the customers, their required jobs tasks, allocation of resources and then the company can plan for additional resources. With tracking of inquiry pipeline, shipment tracking, fault ticket tracking, post-sales service tracking, etc. it becomes simpler

Slow Quoting Process

Quick quotation helps in maintaining records of the submitted quotes. Furthermore, tax calculation (CGST, SGST, IGST) is easily calculated which effectively help in quick quoting.

Visibility of sales pipeline

Eases the company in providing effective sales support, transparency, better customer relationship and gaining higher revenues as well as customer satisfaction

Equipment issues in depth tracking

Helps the organization in ensuring the highest level of customer experience and in building strong customer relationship

Payment tracking

Gives information about the payment history, pending payment and with that, the salesperson can also know about the customer’s payment timing which in the long run helps the salesperson in prioritizing the accounts.

Shipment tracking

With solution’s like live tracking, it is easier the satisfy the queries of the end client and give them a quick but satisfactory response

Ineffective communication

The salesperson can communicate effectively and timely. It has features such as notification filters, automated e-mails, well define CC, Bcc, inventory availability, etc. Hence, this help in managing communication effectively.

Automation required in post-sales service

It has the capability such as Asset Management, AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) tracking, fault ticket tracking along with the history of the implementation, client queries, past issues, etc.

What stands “Microsoft Dynamics 365” apart and chosen by the Organization over the competitions?
  • Enhanced personalization having an ability to understand customer issues, market changes, trends, and opportunities.
  • The streamlined process where marketers identify the customer’s sentiments outcomes.
  • Integration of CRM and ERP effectively leads to better connectivity between the departments and have access to real-time customer data.
  • Boosting productivity by taking care of the repetitive task.
  • A unified way of working has scalability and flexibility.

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