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6 signs that your business needs Exchange Online

April 6th, 2017 Intech SystemIntech Systems Office 365

Free email providers are mushrooming everywhere. Such free email solutions might look lucrative at first but as your business grows, you need a more sophisticated solution. The business email requirements of a growing company are much different than those of a small start-up. But how do you know when you have grown beyond the capabilities of your free email service?
Whether you are using a local email service provider or a well-known one, there are some signs that indicate your business has outgrown free email. Exchange Online comes with those features which are for every business size and yet comparable to local email service in terms of cost. So, do away with the troubles of managing your email data and server as everything is on cloud!
When in doubt whether to continue with a freebie and much ado or go with a standard email provider and hassle-free operations, take into account these six capabilities. These are the important capabilities you need now (or in the future) to ensure your business is not affected just because of an email solution.

Needing any one of these capabilities is an indication that it’s time to consider moving from a free to a paid email solution:

  1. Security – The very first thing you need from an email provider is security. You don’t want your emails to get hacked or read by someone else. If you remain in constant fear of security breach, you need a more sophisticated solution that offers increased, enterprise-class security capabilities.
  2. Storage – Your business is running smoothly and then one day, you can no more use the email as you used to. Why? Your storage has reached its maximum capacity and it needs upgradation. Storage space should never cause you to delete or change how you use your email. On the contrast, Exchange Online is offering large stores of data.
  3. Tools – Free email services don’t provide robust inbox and user-management tools. Exchange Online offers a range of features for managing users and extensive rules for managing your inbox. As a result, you spend less time managing your inbox and more time managing your security
  4. Custom domain names – Using a custom domain is an important aspect of businesses. Custom domains will give your business a professional touch. For example, “” has a lot more credibility than “” Free email services do provide custom domains but not without security threats. They use shared hosting of multiple business emails on a single server.
  5. Data – When you are using a free email service, you don’t own and manage your email data. This leads to giving them rights to mine your data and send you ads. With Exchange Online, be sure that you don’t get distracted by irrelevant ads and are focused on business.
  6. File sharing – Need to share files and collaborate securely with your team? Exchange Online enables team-based collaboration and sharing without putting confidential company information at risk.

Exchange Online offers your growing business increased security, enhanced customization and a variety of features and capabilities to improve collaboration – on Cloud. Not only will this keep your company running smoothly, your IT team will no longer spend time on administering and managing the data.

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