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5 ways Dynamics 365 F&O will advance your business process

August 26th, 2019 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics

By this time, you all know that Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is the next generation solution of Dynamics AX. If you didn’t know – *TA-DA*! Dynamics 365 F&O is the robust solution with all the features and functionalities of AX, with the differentiating factor i.e.

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

In this blog, we will see how Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation will ease and improve the specific process which organization follows in their day-to-day operations.

  1. Ease of control over Finances
  2. Elevate Smart Manufacturing
  3. Manage your Supply Chain
  4. Get the best from the Cloud
  5. More power to AppSource

Ease of control over Finance:

Dynamics 365 F&O provides users with built-in analytics, robust reporting, and insights to manage finance more efficiently. Role-based workspaces help the employees to prioritize the tasks equally furthermore reach the new productivity level. It also helps to automate business finance process and handle budget planning, budget control, encumbrance, including three-way matching seamlessly.

Elevate Smart Manufacturing:

Machine learning, IoT and AI are not for the future, but they are ours now! D365 and Intech Systems, leverage the power of these modern technologies and helps manufacturing process to run smoothly and make an organization flexible in the unstable and competitive market. Simplified scheduling, demand forecasting, improved product quality, and high customer satisfaction, all these features make life easier for manufacturing firms.

Manage your Supply Chain:

Missing the track of an inventory is a bummer for a manufacturing business. D365 with its cloud skills, users will know about the minimal stock availability while maintaining time and resources. Procurement, sourcing, production control, warehouse, transportation management, and cost-accounting are some of the most significant functionalities powered by real-time data and accurate value tracking. With D365 F&O, you will get a synchronized and unified supply chain system.

Get the best from the Cloud:

We are aware of the capabilities of the Cloud such as low cost, shorter time investment, seamless upgrades, and analytical tools it provides to the user. Dynamics 365 F&O is no difference. The users get notified about the automatic improvements, new release, and patches upgrades as soon as they are out. And the additional benefit of Azure opens a world full of possibilities.

More power to AppSource:

Dynamics 365 F&O is a compelling solution and does miracles of its own, although specific industry sometimes requires a specific solution to align with their business process. This is where Microsoft AppSource comes into the picture. Many business applications developed by Intech System can additionally be downloaded to enhance your existing solutions with various features as well as extension.
Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations will get more reliable with each update. Business applications are innovative and evolving with a highly valuable set of core functionalities. By implementing this solution many organizations can improve their day-to-day activity.  Learn more about upgrading Dynamics AX to D365 F&O by clicking here.

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