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Microsoft Dynamics AX client has stopped working

January 13th, 2017 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics, Troubleshoot

There could be any reason for the error ‘AX  client has stopped working’. Most of the time it’s due to bad code and data. In this article, we will see how can we troubleshoot and fix the same.
Finding the logs:
During the crash, you will see the following messages

AX crash errors


  • On the client crash: Microsoft Dynamics AX client has stopped working.


AX Client crash message


  • On the Application object server (AOS): The Server is unavailable. Check your configuration and network connection and try again.


AX AOS Crash message


Check if AX Service is stopped.


AX service status


Check the event viewer on AOS server, probably you will see following error Faulting application name: ax32Serv.exe, version: xxx, time stamp: xxx


event viewer on AOS Server


Service control manager also reports about this issue.


Service control manager


Fixing the issue:
First, identify if the crash is due to buggy Dynamics AX code or not. To identify it, check the said logs as mentioned above. Ensure that event viewer has not reported any error related to Network on AOS server or Domain on AOS server.
Follow the below steps, if you find that the culprit is buggy code or some bad data.

  1. Use any of the following tools to collect memory dump.
    1. WER (Window error reporting) is a built-in tool that collects information about errors, can be used to capture memory dump for AX crashing application.
    2. Debug Diagnostic is a free Microsoft Tool. It is advanced as compared to WER and more configurable.
  1. To conclude the reason for the crash, one needs to analyze the collected memory dump. It is in machine language and not in readable format, so we can use the following options.
    1. Analyze it with Crash Dump Analysis tool on LCS – this will generate a report can be useful to conclude.
    2. Raise a support incidence with Microsoft, they will provide workspace to upload dump and after analyzing MS Support engineer will help to resolve the issue.

If you need help, please feel free to reach us.

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