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5 technology trends impacting packaging industry

May 2nd, 2019 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics 365, Packaging Industry

Technological shifts are a blessing for the packaging industry. These following 5 technology trends have made packaging a cost-effective and less time-consuming task. How have these trends become a significant table-turner in the packaging industry you ask? Let’s have a look.

An impact of Digital Transformation

The year 2018, was the year of changes and innovations in the packaging industry.

  1. Flex packing are outdone by the digital printing machines
  2. Barcode and QR code scanner became the alternative of the stickers.

These changes not only reduce the cost but also improves the performance and minimizes the product packaging time. Digitalization not only sways single machines and technological processes, but it can also change complete production lines with artificial intelligence.
With new business comes risks and challenges. Hence, the packaging manufacturers need to keep up with competitors and meet the growing needs of the market.

Growth in E-Commerce Sector

Who does not enjoy the online shopping experience? As more and more customers are welcoming online shopping, packaging plays a central role in both brand and consumer experience. With every online purchase, there is a need for the companies to be more adaptive towards the change.
Apart from speed, efficiency and, versatility – Automation plays a significant role in e-commerce and packaging. For the strong and distribution of e-commerce products, this could include machines that monitor when the heavy material stock has fallen to a pre-defined level and automatically send out a new order. With industry 4.0, there is also the possibility of intelligent monitoring of machine components, providing users with real-time information as to the status of the machine.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

With the more adaptation of digitalization, the packaging industry will look forward to having more benefits of machine learnings, analytics and BI tools which enables the manufactures to operate from an integrated data model and take over a legacy system.
Using analytical tools not only will affect the growth but also will help the manufactures in the production process. The most relevant aspect of machine learning is, it will allow the companies to address the problems which they were inadequate to identify and rectify previously. So, it is the analytics which will produce valuable data in multiple feasible ways.

According to The Future Of Manufacturing Technologies, 2018, Investment in the Internet of
Things (IoT) solutions is predicted to grow from $737B in 2016 to $1.521B in 2021, attaining
a 15.6% CAGR.

Moving with IoT and Cloud

The two essential elements are IoT and Cloud Computing. With IoT, packaging industries manage to get real-time analysis of product quality, machine performance, machine yields, etc.
With Cloud-based solution, packaging industries will witness the decline in Total Cost Ownership (TCO) and integration the advantages. As with other trends across the larger industrial sector, the benefits from Cloud are considered to evolve from a more various benefit set.

Recognizing the Partnership

It is difficult for any organization to undertake the challenges alone. They require a strategic partner with a reliable solution such as Dynamics 365 which understands how to integrate emerging technologies to address core business methods. Identifying a dependable organization, the packaging industry can surely reinvent themselves for a digitally driven world.
These trends have opened a world of opportunities for packaging industries to increase operational efficiency, product innovation, speed, etc. If you yearn to learn how Dynamics 365 can assist your industry, then Contact Us today.

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