Unlock Operational Efficiency with AI & D365

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27 September, 2023

03:00 PM | India - 04:30 PM


Event Overview:

Click the Registration Link below to Watch our Webinar Recording Unlock Operations efficiency with AI & D365: How can you leverage Microsoft’s AI innovations to transform your business? Join our exclusive webinar and learn from Microsoft’s technology & industry experts how to adopt AI empowered Dynamics 365 solutions to suit your needs and goals.


Explore the possibilities of AI at your own pace and comfort, and craft your own digital transformation plan. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the power of AI for your business!

Speaker Details:

Kapil Puvar

Kapil is the Visionary leader driving Business Central success at Intech Systems.

Nilesh Gajjar

Nilesh is the Expert in optimizing Business Central for operational excellence.

Ami Upadhyay

Ami is the Innovative strategist enhancing Business Central implementations at Intech.

Video Recording for this event will be uploaded soon

*Please Note:* Video Recording will not be made available for " Business Central: Ask Us Anything" Events

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