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When is it the time to change your ERP Partner?

April 30th, 2018 Intech SystemIntech Systems ERP

So, you have successfully implemented an ERP software in your company and you are looking forward to start getting its benefits. But selecting just a right ERP software is not enough; you also need to find the right implementation and support partner. You need a partner that not only implements the software seamlessly but also ensures a constant support. Here are some factors that tell you that it’s time to change your ERP partner for good.

Lack of good support

Business doesn’t end at just selling. Customer Support is an integral part of any business transaction. So, if you are facing long waiting time for getting an answer, you should think of changing your ERP partner. You can’t afford to sit there with problem in hand and waiting for a reply from your partner. Some factors like different time zones, remote location or serious limitations on their side should not come in your way of day-to-day operations. All these conditions should be talked about before the project starts. If even after paying for the help you need, you don’t get the support required, you are in loss.

Less or bad industrial knowledge

Your business requirements and expectations would be specific to your industry and this would help you in deciding upon an ERP software. They should understand your industry’s best practices and should be familiar with industry regulations and compliance requirements. They should be able to guide you in making right decisions. So, if your current ERP partner cannot guide you or cannot answer the basic industry-related questions, you should search for a partner with knowledge and experience about your industry.

Dearth of necessary resources

Your company’s requirements differ from other companies. Though your partner might have deployed many projects in various industries, ensure that they have experience with the company of your size and scope. If yours is a global company, they must have necessary resources for implementation as well as support. If your company is growing but they are not, they might not be able to provide you the required support.

Bad communication and no transparency

Excellent communication is necessary for any ERP implementation because many people from both the sides are involved for months. To keep everyone on the same page, constant communication is important for the seamless completion of the project. Make sure you can contact them via email, phone or a personal meeting whenever the need arises. If you feel ignored or that they are taking too long to respond, you better find a new partner. This factor is key for a successful ERP implementation.

Should you change your ERP partner?

If you think all the points above apply to your current ERP partner, it’s time you switch. No matter if the reason is something apart from the factors mentioned, the relationship between you and your partner affects your entire team.
Start searching for reputable companies which can provide the best consultation, implementation and support services. Talk to them and let them know your experience and expectations. Having a good ERP system and a good ERP partner in place can really help your business flourish.

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