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Demonetization, GST and Digitalization: A Triple bonanza to adopt an ERP

December 14th, 2016 Intech SystemIntech Systems GST Law and ERP

The whole country was stunned and the whole economy was shaken by the November 8 demonetisation decision by Modi Government. Banning the legal status of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes meant pulling back nearly 86% of the currency from the circulation. This stint has been taken in a bid to curb the menace of black money. In the words of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, demonetization along with GST will help making our economy ‘cleaner’ and transparent.

Indian Government’s big step  is affecting every business and its every aspect.

India is marching its way towards Digitalization. This is not just paying online but much more than that. Digitalization is a process of adopting a business model which makes extensive use of technologies to leverage their benefits to the business processes. Thus, it is going to have a huge impact on Indian businesses. Everything is going to be digitalized – from daily expenses to tax payments.
To keep pace with demonetization, digitalization and GST,

companies are now adopting, thinking of adopting or upgrading their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. With an ERP in your organization, you can stay assured of streamlined business transactions and meet government tax regulations. Now, many companies will have to upgrade or migrate their current IT system to a new upgraded one. This will ensure that every entry is correlated so as to comply with GST Law.
This is the right time for Indian companies to pursue digitalization and support government.  ERP is a one-shot solution for your business while contributing in making our economy corruption-free, transparent and thriving.
Do not miss this triple windfall of Digitalization, Demonetization and GST. Make the most of this best moment now by our various solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Azure, Office 365  for your every business need.
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