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Benefits of moving to a cloud-based Disaster Recovery plan

April 6th, 2018 Intech SystemIntech Systems Cloud computing

The biggest fear of most businesses is losing their data. After the recent rise in cyber-attacks, businesses have started making efforts in securing their data. If your company’s information suffers any damage or gets lost, the consequences can be extensive. You won’t only lose your data but also suffer loss of revenue, clients and time, overhead expenses, and expenses to fix your systems. If your company is data driven, you need to have a well-thought-out backup and disaster recovery plan in place. This would save you from unexpected downtime, damages and loss.

Cloud technology is becoming prevalent in private and public sectors. Businesses are going on cloud because it is safer, cost-effective and provides more up-time then the traditional data centers. The problems with traditional data recovery and backup plans are many. These systems require huge servers, software, infrastructure, etc. and still, there’s no data security. And when these traditional system breaks down; the losses are huge. Consequently, companies are realizing the benefits of cloud and why cloud based disaster recovery plan is the most feasible.


Benefits of Disaster Recovery plan on cloud:


Quicker turnaround response

Cloud automation tools automate and quicken the disaster recovery process and help you recover from a disaster faster, sometimes within a matter of minutes. So, it won’t take much time and efforts to copy the backed-up data and resume the business operations. If this automation is not in place, you have to carry out this process manually which leads to inaccuracy, time consumption and sometimes, even irrecoverability of your data.

Saving on your resources

As everything is managed on cloud, you don’t need to set up a duplicate data center. This saves a huge up-front capital investment and other maintenance costs. Your IT team can thus focus on other tasks rather than looking after data center. Cloud-based disaster recovery is more attractive because it saves you everything – money, time and efforts.

Negligible downtime cost

Good cloud computing systems regularly backup your company data. Also, because cloud computing works quickly, you save the costs associated with downtime. The downtime in cloud systems is for minutes, which means your operations don’t suffer much. As all the backed-up data can be restored during disaster, you save on costs to fix the system, as well as the financial losses incurred by significant downtime.

Less complex and more flexible

Traditional recovery systems are complex. It is cumbersome to transfer to any other location if your office shifts. This means either you have to lose your data or purchase a new hardware and software, get it tested and reviewed to make sure all the component parts work properly. This cost is huge. With cloud disaster recovery system in place, you have access to your data from anywhere, anytime.
Thus, having a documented recovery plan on cloud is a must. Companies are adopting cloud not only for backup or disaster recovery but also in their daily operations. This helps them streamline everything on cloud. Are you worried about the security of your business data? Consult Intech Systems for all your cloud based disaster recovery questions.

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