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4 ways how Dynamics 365 for Sales transforms your sales funnel

November 14th, 2017 Intech SystemIntech Systems Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics

Every business aims at getting more and more customers and that too repeat clients. But just increasing the numbers is not an ideal goal. Rather aim at closing the good accounts from your prospects list. But how do you deal with the stoppages in closing the deals? How do you ensure that the sales process is quick and efficient? Certainly not with your manual business processes!

Here are four ways how Dynamics 365 for Sales transforms your sales funnel:

Know the source of your lead

It is crucial to know where your leads are coming from. Understanding the pattern and identifying the right ones is equally important. Dynamics 365 for Sales help you create, manage and analyze your marketing campaigns. Monitoring these campaigns answers various questions. Where are your leads from? How did they come to know about you? Which leads are relevant? Dynamics 365 for Sales helps you track the lead status.

Engage your leads in the right way

Once you know the lead source, interest and other details, you will need to keep the right ones engaged. Dynamics 365 for Sales help you create specific campaigns for engagement and nurturing. With the campaign analysis, you know what to pitch next and how to take the lead forward. Stay assured that you won’t waste time on the bad leads. This will increase your efficiency, improve your sales cycle and help close the right deals.

Estimate the deal closure time

When you know the exact status of the leads, you can estimate when will the deal be closed. You can then plan your campaigns accordingly. When nurturing your leads, email is the most valuable tool. Email campaigns keep them engaged. Send them newsletters, reminder mails, offers and discounts to let them consider you whenever they take a decision to buy. Once you know they are ready to buy, schedule the sales call and take it further.

Know the conversion rate

Dynamics 365 for Sales lets you know the sales funnel right from lead generation to deal closure. You can generate customized reports to know how many leads turned into customers and how many are still Opportunities. With such a report, you know where you are lagging and what works.
Conclusively, Dynamics 365 for Sales gives you an insight into your sales funnel and take decisions accordingly. Plus, Dynamics 365 for Sales is a cloud based CRM software. Stay connected, do more from anywhere, anytime.
Do you think your sales and marketing processes need an upgrade? Contact us and know why Dynamics 365 for Sales is the right choice for your business. Book a free demo by dropping and email on

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