Power BI Vs Tableau: A Comparison Study

An Introduction to Power BI and Tableau

There is a proverb that says – A picture is worth a thousand words, stands true even after many decades. Today the world is about data visualization and analytics which is moving faster with the new tools available in the market. These tools are ready to use and deploy. To say at the forefront a tool should be a blend of ease of use, brand recognition, price, and speed. Such popular data visualization tools are Power BI and Tableau.
Both have their distinct features therefore, the team using them is often observed comparing Power BI and Tableau.
Power BI – A Microsoft cloud-based Product, which has super ease of use function with no high-cost value. It serves well within the Microsoft umbrella such as Azure, Excel and Office 365. However, it is a pretty good alternative for the SMB’s and for the big organizations that are looking for a data visualization tool within the low-cost frame.
Tableau – It is a smart data visualization tool that focuses more on the corporate environment having data technicians and budget. It operates well on-premise, on cloud and, can integrate with Azure. If a company lacks a broader spectrum of the data Tableau is the well-suited for them.

Comparing Power BI and Tableau

Power BI vs Tableau

Choosing the right Business Intelligence Tool for your business

Business Intelligence Tools plays an essential role in business. Both Power BI and Tableau has their unique features in addition to the pros and cons. Our take is on Power BI. Certainly, Power BI arises as to the most inclusive solution. Microsoft provides integration abilities that are simply unmatched by competitors, resulting in one of the most user-friendly, data-connected business intelligence systems available.

Let’s check some of the benefits of Power BI

Seamless Integration:

Your business can easily adapt the analytics and visualization capabilities as Power BI effortlessly and hence, seamlessly integrates with the existing business environment.

Global Scale:

Organizations have the flexibility to deploy their BI solution where they reside with a global presence. Power BI provides guaranteed reliability and performance.

Low Price Incumbent:

According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report 2019, more than 15% organization compared to 2018 has chosen Power BI as a result of its low-price subscription model and analytics capabilities. Consequently, organizations have seen growth in their sales experience as well.

magic quadrant

Ease of use:

Power BI supports complex data models in addition to integrated advanced analytics. It helps in transforming your data into the rich visuals, for instance. Therefore, providing enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Intech Power BI dashboards


Organizations can bank on a BI platform that aids comply with powerful industry measures and certifications, plus keep their data protected and control the access and usage.
If you want to understand more about the Power BI, feel free to contact us at sales@intech-systems.com

Choose best ERP solution for Packaging

Packaging Industry is always on its toes to handle from product management to the expense. And, with the revolution in technology and the age of digital transformation, these industries must choose the fittest ERP solutions to defeat the challenges and stay ahead of the competition.
What is the requirement of the industry? There is a lot of stipulation that the packaging industry must understand before choosing an ERP solution. Adopting an ERP solution for industry is not simple as it needs to fulfill long-term goals, security, and fill the gaps with the business. Considering, it demands capital investment, implementation failures, and high costs having a significant impact.
So, for choosing a fruitful and yet result-oriented solution, the packaging industry always weighs on these below points:


Foremost, the quality industry should consider while selecting an ERP solution is Speed.  Operating bottlenecks with advanced capacity planning, scheduling tools, gaining control over the scrap, reducing the warehouse cost and, customer satisfaction. All these features should be considered to ensure speedy production and delivery.

Easy Interface:

For any industry, its men are necessary and how strong they are enough to work with the solution. Complex systems may create more barriers for the industry by decreasing production, and it can slow the whole process. Hence, the industry should consider a system which is comfortable to use and operate.


It is always quality over quantity! Pick an ERP which reduces the uncertainty of quality and issue with measuring parameters needed to pass the quality compliance. Here includes the sampling process, incoming QC, outgoing QC, in-process QC and, QC derivation, based on approval.


Cloud computing is the talk of the town, with the revolution in technology many organizations are migrating to the cloud-based solution from their traditional on-premise one. To maintain the database, managing any disaster and backup — ‘Cloud’ is the latest solution. ERP such as Dynamics 365 grants you benefit of the Cloud


Cost! Everything is related to the price of the solution. Industries such as packaging should always adapt for the solution resulting in the best ROI and matches the requirement of their process.


Packing materials are always changing, so, you need flexible management tools that can adapt to your growing business. Unlike any entry-level ERP software, choose an ERP which is built to solve all your manufacturing related challenges with less time.
Looking to adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365 for maintaining your operations, then you are at right place. Contact Us now!

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